Update From ClapSotronics HQ:

Sorry I have been unable to post for so long. I have been very busy, but now things are calming down, so I should be able to post more often and hope to get back to my regular schedule very soon…


Here we go!

Bush will veto children’s health bill in House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Oct. 25, 2007 – President George W. Bush veto legislation being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives on children’s health insurance if significant changes are not made, the White House said on Thursday.


What a disgusting pig g’dubya is! He is going to veto $38 billion in HEALTH CARE FUNDING FOR CHILDREN, while increasing the military budget BY HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS! When those pigs in washingtOOn are done with the FY 2008 budget, it will include ONE TRILLION DOLLARS IN MILITARY SPENDING!

The worthless dems are gonna wind up going along with this disgrace. They have proven to be in cahoots with the bush crime family.The two parties of the apocalypse are failing us. We must not put up with one more day of this crap!


The idiots are borrowing from our children and grand children to spend even more money to kill people and blow things up:


We will be getting cuts to all other government spending as our reward. They will give themselves raises to reward themselves for their failures. Many of the rest of us can look forward to this:


I hope you all are sick and tired of this bullshit! I know I am…


The telepathic crickets and I would like to thank you all for hanging in while we got a few things together here at ClapSotronics HQ. We again are sorry we had to be “away” from posting for so long. Thanks to all who kept the faith and waited for us to return. We are back in town now, and MADDER then ever! It being the last Saturday of the month, we hope you will join us tomorrow for the latest addition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on October 26, 2007.

9 Responses to “Update From ClapSotronics HQ:”

  1. Welcome back Clapso.
    Great to see your blogs again.

    can’t wait to see the madder Clapso, 🙂

  2. We missed you Clapso!
    Glad to see you back and full of piss an’ vinegar.

  3. Clapso,

    Welcome back. Its good to see you back. You might take couple of days to get into your rythm.

  4. About damn time. Shit man, you can’t leave a brother out these mother fuckers all by himself.

    Here’s to better days ahead mon ami.

  5. Thank you all for still remembering me after all this time. Glad so many of ya are still around! Gonna miss brad though!

    We are still kickin’…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  6. Welcome back ClapSo. You’ve been missed.

    Yes, Bush huh? What a moron.

    He wants abortions banned but when those babies are born into deprivation, poverty and disablement he refuses to fund much needed social welfare for them.

    Who else would cut healthcare funding for children?

  7. […] clipped from clapso.wordpress.com […]

  8. Jerry, I think your telepathic crickets would like to hear some fresh chirping ! P.S. Note the address. I’ve been censored ?!

  9. Those up high will hunt those below. And so those below will hunt those up high.

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