Catching Up After a Long Hiatus…


We here at ClapSotronics wish to thank everyone who sent messages via comments and email asking when we would be resuming our regular posting schedule. Suffice to say that there are times in the lives of humans and telepathic crickets when pressing matters of personal import move us away from what we want to do, and push us into doing what we must. We here at ClapSotronics have just emerged from such a time of great change. Although there are still issues needing resolution we feel confident that what difficulties remain are well enough under control to resume our regular posting schedule with this post and starting today.


The truth is we here at ClapSotronics lost our headquarters in September of last year and spent some of the last few months in a like situation to our fellow citizen pictured above. A very special and heartfelt thanks along with a twenty one cricket salute must be paid to the excellent staff at the Utica, New York “S+C” office. S+C is a national program granted by HUD. The amazing folks at the local S+C office solved in a week a problem that had been vexing us for several months. As a result of the timely and professional work of the fine folks at S+C, the telepathic crickets and I have been firmly ensconced in our brand new digs since Friday last.


Our new HQ still looks nothing like that pictured above. If you wish to get a theme park vision of the world, I suggest you find a right wing blog. I am hoping that the bullshit spook house roller coaster ride that the bush crime family has taken us on these last eight terrible years will convince you, my fellow citizens that WE MUST NEVER BE NEOCONNED AGAIN!

“MOE” aka the grumpy old fool
“LARRY” learning to wave baaa-baaa

“CURLY” aka shit on a stick

Alas the three stooges pictured above are in cahoots and if we wind up electing any of them our problems will get worse.

WHAT’S A ClapSo to do?


I intend to throw a heapin’ helpin’ of peace pie at them stooges! I intend to do everything I can to remove the two parties of the apocalypse from power!


The telepathic crickets on the editorial board and I hope you join us in breaking the glass and playing our part in the quest for a better life for all…


~ by ClapSo on March 24, 2008.

10 Responses to “Catching Up After a Long Hiatus…”

  1. ClapSo, it’s Good to read your blog again. Sorry to hear about your housing problems—there’s a lot of that going on in America! Some people have three mansions, and others have a concrete pillow to lay their heads on. That’s the market–too bad the Federal govt doesn’t bail out folks who can’t scrape up their rent–like they bailed out Bear Stearns.

    Usually I agree with you BUT I’m thinking (and hoping) maybe Obama by way of his community organizing grassroots experience and his perspective gained by apending part of his childhood in a third world country, and his stated support of labor rights…that this one is different. He’s certainly a long way from Bush. I would’ve voted for Kuchinich but he’s just too radical–they’ll never let him get close. Anyway–I look forward to your future blogs. Peace out

  2. Glad you’re back, ClapSo. I hope your current situation is stable enough not only to be good for you, but for the entirely selfish desire on my part to read more of your bloggerisms.

    My best to you and the rest of those at ClapSotronics!

  3. Good to see you back.

  4. So very glad to see you are alive, and well my friend.

  5. He had said, he’ll be back – and he has.

    Really, really glad to see you back Clapso.
    I just might start writing again.

  6. It’s such a joy to hear the e-voices of old friends after all this time. Thanks for being who you all are and I look forward to reading YOUR latest posts…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  7. The robot factorys will do the work people should not have to. We will have a second renosance where people will be free truly free to express art and design beyond what we thought we could before. This will be a unification through technology. The robots will allow us to peer into the deep dark thoughts of thowse politicans and model and create a system to best support the people for the people by the people and robots. Equal rites for AI!

  8. […] they are supposed to and conform to the &quotrules&quot. It’s a professionwitchychicks.blogspot.comCatching Up After a Long Hiatus??Catching Up After a Long Hiatus?? March 24, 2008 ??? 7 Comments We here at ClapSotronics wish to […]

  9. Welcome back Claps.
    Could to see you are alive and well!

    Still in NY?

  10. Welcome Back. I was really worried but I trusted you when you said you would be back. A man of his word. Hope the new diggs work out for you.

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