The ClapSotronics Presidential Endorsment Goes to…


There comes a time when every publication has to take a stand. No matter what, the truth must be told. Although we here at ClapSotronics feel we take such a stand every day, todays stand stands out. As the bullshit industry churns out publicity stunt after publicity stunt to convince you to vote for one of the three stooges of the apocalypse:




They want you to believe that these three fools pictured above are your only choices. I’m here to tell you you have other choices. I’m here to tell you that if you vote for one of the three stooges pictured above you will be disappointed by your choice. You will wish for their entire oval office tenure that you had chosen differently. The time has come to leave the dems and repubs behind. They may say slightly different things, but they do the same stupid stuff again and again. No matter which of the two parties of the apocalypse holds power, things get worse and worse for the rest of us. You and me are shit outa luck.


It’s time to stand up and dissent. Voting for one of the three stooges is not standing up, it’s sitting down and giving up. We need to demand real change and that ain’t coming from the two parties of the same old, same old. I know you out there reading this know I’m right. You know that there can be no change from the dems and/or repubs. You know that they are the parties of the status quo. That they intend to continue to make the pig rich, ever richer. While the rest of us get ever poorer.


While it’s easy and correct to blame the useless turd pictured above, and all the other disgraceful repubs to boot, the idiot dems have held the house and senate for over a year now and they have done NOTHING to make positive change. They could have impeached the bush crime family, but took that option “off the table.” They could have stopped this criminal war, and it yet rages on. They could have taken steps to stop the thieving criminals in corporate board rooms from their ongoing larcenies, but they have taken no action. One of the dem celebdidates has even already failed to bring us the national health care plan we need. You know who I mean, the former “co-president” who would be queen. Elect a dem into the oval office, and they will continue to DO NOTHING!


It’s time for we the great left out to take on the pig rich power elite. It’s time to sharpen our weapons. Not the knives pictured above. Such implements of death and destruction are tools of the two parties of the apocalypse. Their 5 year dirty criminal war is just the latest proof of their inability to control their VIOLENT URGES:


We need sharpen our minds in order to out think them. We need sharpen our tongues in order to shout down their lies with the truth. We need sharpen our wits so as not to be conned by the smoke screens and nonsense spewed forth by their professional bullshiters:


We need to sharpen our vision, so we can see who owns the bullshit industry and whom the crap artists serve:


Most of all we need to sharpen our quills, for the pen is indeed mightier then the sword. We need write against those that kill and rob us. We need make our X’s on our ballots for the man that would set us free. Needless to say we are not giving our presidential endorsement or our votes to the celebdidates of the two parties of the apocalypse. Who do we insist should be the next President of the United States? Drumroll pleeeeaaaaazzzzzze:












The telepathic crickets and I are pleased to give our endorsement to the only candidate who cares about his follow human beings:


RALPH NADER, the greatest citizen this country has ever produced! There is much talk these days about “super delegates.” I don’t care about em! I would rather vote for a SUPER CITIZEN like Ralph! I voted for him before and I’m gonna do it again! SO SHOULD YOU! Since I spent most of todays post arguing why YOU should vote AGAINST the three stooges of the apocalypse, I’m gonna spend all of tommorows post arguing WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR RALPH! If you havn’t visited it yet please drop by his official website:

The telepathic crickets are out putting Nader bumper stickers on all the cars in the parking lots at the Utica, New York repub and dem HQ’s…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “The ClapSotronics Presidential Endorsment Goes to…”

  1. Wow! a direction humm tell me about nater I look forward to it. What are his views on hemp -crete to build houses or other eco friendlier save the world from the people stuff.

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