A Study in Passive Resistance…

For about SEVEN YEARS the bush crime family and it’s unindited co-conspirators in the house and senate have been pissing on our constitution. They have done so with the so called “patriot act”, they have done so by taking “impeachment off the table” and most egregiously they have done so by the disgraceful use of extraordinary rendition followed by denial of a fair and speedy trial. SONOFABUSH! This from the new york times:


An Apologetic Boycott in Good-Natured Banter

Published: April 30, 2008

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba — The first indication that the afternoon’s hearing in the case of Salim Hamdan was going to be different came when he showed up in war crimes court in his prison khakis, a loose-fitting outfit that looked like yesterday’s pajamas.

The flowing white robe and the checked blazer he wore in Tuesday morning were gone. A curious prosecutor asked the judge to inquire. The judge, a Navy captain with something of a soft touch, said Mr. Hamdan could wear whatever he wanted to court.

For a minute, the routine of legal arguments resumed in the courtroom on the hill overlooking the old Guantánamo airstrip.

But then, in that complicated dance that comes when a man has a translator, there was a stir at the defense table and some signaling. Mr. Hamdan had something to say. “I like this clothes,” he said.

Then, Mr. Hamdan, whose name already has a big place in American law, and the Navy judge, who seemed to want most to keep his case moving, began an extraordinary 40-minute exchange about the fairness of Guantánamo and the definition of justice.

“There is no such thing as justice here,” Mr. Hamdan said. He said he would boycott. He said he would not allow his lawyers to speak in his absence, an option it is not clear he has.


The question in the cases of those imprisoned at gitmo is: ARE THEY GUILTY OF A CRIME? Under the constitution, they would be innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, labushanostra has done everything in it’s power to remove the protections granted by the constitution from being invoked by the gitmo detainees. The house and senate have been willing co-conspirators in this criminal violation of OUR CIVIL RIGHTS!

Fortunately, there is at least one person imprisoned who has done more to defend our constitution then all the stooges and shemps of the two parties of the apocalypse combined. So successful was Salim Hamdan and his legal defense team, that the CRIMINALS AND UNINDITED CO-CONSPIRATORS put into place the disgrace called “the military commissions act.” If you don’t know what that is and what it’s sickening effect ON ALL OF US IS, I suggest you view the following video:

Many of us have indeed “been living as if in a trance.” So completely out of the loop have a goodly percentage of WE the PEOPLE been. That the fascist regime in washingtOOn has been able to suspend the fountain head of our civil rights. The writ of habeas corpus, which grants the right of anyone accused of a crime to petition the court for A REASON WHY THEY ARE BEING HELD has been suspended for those held FOR ALMOST SEVEN YEARS AT GITMO. The military commissions act gives the present criminal regime AND ALL FUTURE TYRANTS the ability to completely ignore the constitution.

To Salim Hamdan and his defense team I would like to give my sincere word of thanks. You have done more to defend our civil rights then all the elected idiots in washingtOOn ever have. As to whether Salim Hamdan and the rest of the gitmo detainees are guilty of anything. No one will ever know for sure if this kangaroo court at gitmo is allowed to continue. Only the protections granted under the constitution can make me believe that the gitmo detainees have ANY CHANCE AT A FAIR TRIAL.

WTF!? How can we continue to let this criminal regime in washingtOOn run wild. How can we even consider voting for any of the three stooges of the apocalypse (mcPain, clinton, obama) when they have been willingly involved in the ASSAULT on our constitutionally granted CIVIL RIGHTS? The answer is simple:



The Telepathic Crickets and I hope YOU all understand how important the rule of law is. If one of the celebdidates of the two parties of the apocalypse gain the oval office. We will have four more years of executive lawlessness. Only PRESIDENT NADER will restore YOUR civil rights and bring us back to the rule of law.

The scientifically impossible I do right away
The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on May 1, 2008.

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  1. Save Gizmo! Their is no need to imprison little gremlins unless their playing ice hockey in your air conditioned server closet.

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