Cricketstock – Three days of PEACE and Telepathic Crickets…

Well, the calender tells me that tomorrow (May 3rd) this blog will be one year old. In honor of this most auspicious event, we here at ClapSotronics are calling on all three of our loyal readers (The Cricketeers) to have forth with a grand celebration we hope to make an annual event.


This will of course entail:

The lighting of bonfires (please do this out of doors!)

Drunken debauchery (this is as good an indoor activity as outdoors)

Nude Coed Volleyball (played anywhere one or more nude coeds can be found)

Pig roasts, Clambakes and other such gluttony (NO TOFU PLEASE!)

Satanic rituals such as bowling, lawn darts and Texas hold em

Did I mention Drunken Debauchery?

Any other damn thing anyone wants to do (please do not use hard liquor and handguns at the same time)

One of the oft asked questions we get here at ClapSotronics is:

When are we gonna get nude pics of the Telepathic Crickets? Well, the time has come. Here they are, naked as jaybirds, the Telepathic Crickets on our editorial board:

MEGACHIRP the big boss cricket (he eats his own young as well as any dem or repub that gets too close)

SUZYCHIRP the big bosses main squeeze (check out dem legs hubba hubba)

HAROLDCHIRP the big bosses idiot nephew (he’s family so we had to hire him)

RUNTYCHIRP (the only youngin’ that’s too fast for Megachirp to catch and eat)

ZAPPYCHIRP the prototype that will eventually replace the rest of the crickets


Don’t worry if you live too far from ClapSotronics HQ to join us for the party! Just have one of your own!!!

Please remember to support the only presidential candidate with a cricket full employment plan. Crickets need to make a living too!


The Telepathic Crickets and I will see ya again on Monday. That is, if we ain’t too hung over. We also wish to thank all our blog buddies out there in blog land for helping us make this blog such a success!

The scientifically impossible I do right away
The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on May 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cricketstock – Three days of PEACE and Telepathic Crickets…”

  1. Hey Clapso, congratulations! Have a wonderful blog birthday! And keep up the great and good fight.

    Golly, I fair swooned over those naked crickets. 🙂

  2. Happy Blogoversary!!

  3. Happy birthday homie.

    Sorry I’m late.

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