The war disaster = the economic disaster!

As usual, many of my fellow citizens are failing to see the forest because the trees are in the way. That goes double for the main stream media. This from cnn:


CNN poll: Economy far ahead of war as top issue in 2008 race

By Paul Steinhauser
CNN Deputy Political Director

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (CNN) — A new poll indicates that the economy is issue No. 1 with American voters, now more than ever.

Forty-nine percent of those questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Friday said the economy is the top issue in their vote for president, seven points higher than found in a March survey.

The Iraq War is a distant second, with 19 percent of those polled saying it’s the most important issue, followed by the issues of health care at 14 percent, terrorism at 9 percent and immigration at 8 percent.


SONOFABUSH! It’s time to see the connection. The war has been and will continue to be a MAJOR DRAG on our economy. Anyone who thinks those idiots in washingtOOn can continue to spend billions and even trillions of dollars on this disaster of a war AND at the same time “fix” the failing economy is kidding themselves.

The failure of the war and the failure of the economy are twin orphans of the ignoble parenting practiced by the two parties of the apocalypse. The dems and repubs are in cahoots on these and other failures. We continue to be robbed by the thieves in washingtOOn. Our erstwhile “leaders” have led us down the primrose path. We are getting stuck with the thorns as I speak. WTF!? The corpRATeers are making out like the bandits they are as we suffer ALL THE COSTS of the bush crime family’s failed policies! What do the three stooges of the apocalypse (unindited co-conspirators of labushanostra) have to say about this:

MOE (aka mugsy mcPain)

I support the troops and believe my ass is made out of green cheese just like the moon, DAGNABIT.

LARRY (aka hillary dillary doo)

I support the troops and believe my hair is made of cotton candy.

CURLY (aka sweet talkin’ slim)

I have he audacity to hope the voters won’t catch on that I’m as big a green cheese cotton candy ass fool as the other two stooges.


Support and vote for the only candidate for president that will end the war, dismantle the military industrial complex, and give we the people a larger piece of the economic pie!


The telepathic crickets and I hope YOU are finally getting a clue about what goes on in washingtOOn and will not be fooled again by the dems or repubs…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on May 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “The war disaster = the economic disaster!”

  1. Will robo cricket ever make the app to throw the pie at the canidates?

  2. Thank you

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