More “Support the Troops” from the two parties of the apocalypse

SONOFABUSH! In past when more pork barrel funding for the disaster of a war looked unpopular, the labushanostra dogs have used the troops as an excuse. The “debate” on the latest “supplemental spending bill” is no different. WTF!? This from an email sent by Military Families Speak Out (MFSO):


Dear Members of Military Families Speak Out,

Some of you may have heard Defense Secretary Robert Gates announce that if Congress does not pass a bill appropriating funds to continue the war in Iraq soon, servicemembers will not receive their pay checks. This threat to stop paychecks is just the latest in a long list of threats affecting service members and military families that the Department of Defense has issued over the years. Each time Congress has considered another multi-billion dollar appropriations bill to support continuing the war, we have heard that unless Congress provided the funds to continue the war, our troops “would be left without bullets or armor,” (when we all know that they were without proper body armor and armored vehicles for years, which had nothing to do with lack of funds!) or our military families “would not be able to have base childcare anymore.”

What we know is that Secretary Gates has a $481.4 billion defense budget at his disposal — if he wanted to he could find the money to pay our troops (and to facilitate their quick and safe return from Iraq and the care they need and deserve.)Instead, he is choosing to play political games with the financial security of our troops and their families.

In a recent editorial, the editors of the Toledo Blade wrote:

U.S. troops in Iraq will not suffer if the new spending isn’t passed. The Defense Department budget already stands at nearly half a trillion dollars, from which the Iraq war can easily be funded.

“The best course for Congress is simply to reject the supplemental spending bill. The war doesn’t deserve more money. If other expenditures for veterans are justified, they should be put in separate legislation.”

These threats are more fear tactics to scare our troops, their loved ones, and the public into accepting another year of funding for the war in Iraq.

We won’t be scared into silence — and we won’t tolerate threats to the livelihood of our troops and our families! Now is the time to speak out and counter this message of fear – with our families, with the public and with Congress.


My son is serving in the US Navy. Every time these useless dogs in washingtOOn play games with this war, I feel ever stronger that REAL CHANGE NEED BE MADE IN THE HALLS OF POWER!



The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope all MFSO members will join with us in abandoning the two parties of the apocalypse and their clebdidate mcbama! VOTE NADER FOR AN END TO THE DISASTER OF A WAR!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on May 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “More “Support the Troops” from the two parties of the apocalypse”

  1. Good stuff, thanks! Keep saying it!

  2. Their is a time and place for justice and forcebly extracting a extracting plan by electrodes placed on the canidates head that would be a interesting test. Also to see if their is a blip or boop.

    See what their planning we could call it counter terrorisum and use the devices on the president, canidates and members of office with 3 figure paychecks and higher. As a security measure to protect us from them.

    Liar liar is a great short story by Isac Assimov (If I spelled that wrong it is in the name of creative spelling.) What if we could trowel for truth in the murkey goverment watters and pull the fair and just plans out to build a better tommarow.

  3. While I can’t agree with you on the topic of Ralph N., as the parent of two former Naval officers I remain sick at heart at the games this failed administration has been playing with the lives of its patriot soldiers, sailors, Marines and their families.
    As always, ferociously well written!

  4. The gap between “Support the Troops” and supporting the troops is not unprecedented in kind so much as in degree.
    Articles and Answers forum includes an article by Steve Mungie detailing the devices used to deliberately and systematically deprive veterans of ‘benefits’ and/or compensation : a bureaucratic cheat established before WW II ! BlueBloggin had a look some months back. It’s at the bottom of “Intel” – login required.
    BluGirlRedState has been scathing in her condemnation of vets treatment – especially medical. The Broken Soldier ( Military) and The Oldtimer Speaks Out ( Blogs ) are especially concentrated condemnation.
    I’ve been following the parallels between Nazisism and Bushism for a while now. The Nazis used frustated vets to overtrow the state. Bush has been volume producing frustrated vets : a recipe for a false flag scam to sucker them again ?

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