pda BLAH!

I’ve managed to get myself on a bunch of email lists over the years. As a result, I get emails from all kinds of groups. I recently received the following email from the oxymoronically named “progressive democrats of america” it is yet another example of the nonsense spewed by the two parties of the apocalypse:


A Personal Message From Rep. Maxine Waters

The House recently passed an amendment to the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill that calls for a change in policy in Iraq, including a plan to redeploy all American troops within 18 months and a prohibition on the Administration from entering into a security agreement with Iraq without congressional approval.

While I am disappointed that the timeline language was not more stringent, the House-passed language represented real progress. Further, I joined 148 Members to vote against a separate amendment containing over $160 billion in unrestricted war funds for the continuation of the President’s war in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the redeployment language has since been stripped in the Senate while the war funding was kept. I remain committed that funds should be used only for the safe and orderly redeployment of our troops from Iraq, and we must work to ensure that the final bill signed by the president reflects that goal.


Lets look at the parts I highlighted in yellow and red shall we? So first THE DEM CONTROLLED HOUSE passes a bill that calls for “redeployment” and the timetable is within 18 months then THE DEM CONTROLLED SENATE removes the redeployment language?

To the contention of dirty dem rep. pdawaters that this latest three ring circus act the dems are running in washingtOOn “represented real progress” I say:


They have to be kidding! Even if the dirty dems in the senate had left the redeployment language in the bill, this bill would have CONTINUED THE WAR INTO 2010! That’s a load o’shit! This war needs end by next Tuesday. It has dragged on for over five years. It’s time to bring our young people in uniform HOME! ALL OF THEM AND RIGHT NOW!

This just shows how STUPID the two parties of the apocalypse think YOU are!

Show the idiots in washingtOOn how smart YOU are by supporting and voting for the only truly progressive anti-war candidate running for president:


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I figure YOU should be tired of the dem and repub bullshit by now…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on May 29, 2008.

One Response to “pda BLAH!”

  1. Three ring circus is right…both parties are playing a massive confusing shell game and the outcome is always the same: middle and poverty class American citizens get screwed, and the corporations and their CEOs and the war profiteers get tax breaks and more no-bid contracts.

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