Vote Theft Goes Local…

Well Cricketeers, that mainstream media scion, pressmin spurious, is at it again. He continues his series of articles in defense of the failed two party system. This from the intergalactic times:

Another sham “party” steals votes

By Pressmin Spurious

Intergalactic Times staff reporter

Things are truly bleak on the election front. This reporter has never seen the like. First this young upstart Obama steals the votes of the rightful democratic presidential nominee, Clinton. Then this Barr fellow, with the help of the phony libertarian “party”, has entered the presidential contest and is attempting to steal votes from McCain. Now Ralph Nader is polling at SIX PERCENT in the most recent AP national presidential poll, and without ANY party at all! No good can come of any of this! What’s worse, this vote thievery is spreading to local elections!

At the recent Massachusetts Democratic Convention, some guy named Ed O’Reilly had the unmitigated gall to force a primary battle with current Massachusetts Senator John Karry! This is the first time Kerry has faced a primary opponent since 1984. What’s worse, this Ed guy did this dirty deed with the help of yet another phony ripoff group. The oxymoronic “Progressive Democrats of America”. Everyone knows that the Democratic party, the real one, is a centrist party. There simply are no “progressives” to be found among true democrats. In any case, progressive is just the new name for commie!

The time has come for all these self styled “progressives” to be hauled before the house unrepublican activities committee! Saint Joe McCarthy is rolling in his grave over this “progressive” assault on our beloved two party system! This reporter is beside himself with suffering at the disastrous prospect THAT THIS COULD BE THE YEAR THAT A CANDIDATE FROM OUTSIDE THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM WINS THE PRESIDENCY!

**SNICKER** Poor pressmin is drowning in the mainstream, isn’t he? He did get one thing right though, the dirty dems are now under the control of radical moderate centrist dogs! The pda is just a smokescreen to give cover to the true nature of the dirty dems!



The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I are looking forward to seeing Nader make quick work of the other candidates in the presidential debates! If I’m not mistaken, the six percent Nader polled means the two parties of the apocalypse must let him in the debates. Unless those dem and repub dogs changed the rules again!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on June 10, 2008.

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