mcPain and nobama stand for the wishy washy punk assed centrist radical moderate corpoRATeer agenda!

DAGNABIT! The way you can pin out radical moderates is to watch how they go flippity floppity on the issues. The syphilitic co-joined twins of the apocalypse known as mcbama are as flippity and floppity as the dogs in washingtOOn get!

First mugsy mcPain was against drilling for oil off the US coast, NOW HE’S ALL FOR IT!


First sweet talkin’ slim nobama was against warrantless wiretapping, NOW HE IS GONNA VOTE TO CONTINUE IT AND GIVE THE PHONE COs IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION WHEN THEY TAKE PART!


Now, the mcPain and nobama campaigns want YOU to believe that these two stooges represent change. The only thing these two idiots ever change is their minds when they think they can pander to YOU and get YOU to vote for em!

Lets look at the last two douche bags YOU IDIOTS voted into the white house on the promise of CHANGE:

First came slick willy, now known as mr. senator clinton:

This clown campaigned on a promise of change, and YOU got it, YOU got it but good! He gave ya NAFTA and YOU had to change jobs, from a fair paying one with benefits, to several minimum wage paying no benefits jobs to make ends meet! IS THAT THE CHANGE YOU WANTED?

Then came labushanostra:

This war criminal campaigned on a promise of change too! What did he change? He changed the color of the ink used to write the nations books from black to red! He changed the USA from a nation well respected and at peace with the rest of the world, to a nation at war and well hated by the rest of the world! He changed the price of gas from less then two dollars a gallon to more then four dollars a gallon! This bush crime family has changed a bunch of things for YOU, and none of em good changes! IS THAT THE CHANGE YOU WANTED?

Every four years the party of the herpes infected jackass and the party of the syphilitic pachyderm PROMISE YOU CHANGE. All that really changes is HOW MUCH YOU GET SCREWED! Whether it is the radical moderate corpoRATeer new democrat “democratic leadership conference” agenda of slick willy OR the radical moderate corpoRATeer neocon “compassionate conservative” agenda of g’dubya. NOTHING REALLY CHANGES FOR THE BETTER! YOU just get screwed even MORE!



For YOU bunch who are scared that voting for anyone other then mcPain or nobama will lead to the other being elected. This BULLSHIT excuse is gone. The two best known “third party” candidates are polling the same percentage. One is from the progressive side and the other is from the conservative side. There can be no talk of a “spoiler” this election. If You are sick and tired of voting for the two parties of the apocalypse and getting screwed. Vote for one of the “third party” candidates instead!

If YOU hold your nose and vote for mcbama, YOU will have to live with the disaster a mcbama in the white house will cause. If, on the other hand YOU vote for one of the third party candidates, and mcbama wins, you can have the satisfaction of saying that you didn’t vote for the idiot in the white house.

If on the other hand YOU vote for one of the “third party” candidates and they win, YOU will have changed at least one thing. You will have sent a message that the dirty dems and filthy repubs no longer OWN YOU AND YOUR VOTES!

Being of progressive tilt, I’M VOTING NADER! YOU should too!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I just can’t stomach FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE TWO PARTIES OF THE APOCALYPSE IN THE OVAL OFFICE! It’s about time YOU admit YOU FEEL THIS WAY TOO AND VOTE NADER FOR REAL CHANGE! It’s also about time that “third party” candidates are allowed in the televised debates!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “mcPain and nobama stand for the wishy washy punk assed centrist radical moderate corpoRATeer agenda!”

  1. I would imagine the gammer cults would have called obama newb_bama it could twist the dagger in the name calling game.

  2. Soon the scanning devices will be ready to check canidates for flat lined brain lobules. 😛 Check out open source hardware that will change a election maby not this one , but aiming for the next one.

  3. I have illustrated my NObama comments in videos on You Tube Channel

    Please check it out

    Best regards, James

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