IN YOUR FACE nobama!

Ralph Nader for President 2008

June 25, 2008

Senator Obama said earlier today that I haven’t been paying attention to his campaign.

Actually, I have.

Obama And it’s clear from Senator Obama’s campaign that he is not willing to tackle the white power structure – whether in the form of the corporate power structure or many of the super-rich – who are taking advantage of 100 million low income Americans who are suffering in poverty or near poverty.

Senator Obama is opposed to single payer national health insurance.


Because he favors the health insurance giants over the millions of Americans in poverty or near poverty who are uninsured or under-insured. Eighteen thousand Americans die every year because they cannot afford health insurance, according to the Institute of Medicine.

Senator Obama wants to expand the military budget which is loaded with waste, fraud and abuse – instead of cutting it and investing the long ignored peace dividend in the inner cities with good jobs and public works – including schools, clinics, and libraries.


Because he fears and favors those thousands of lobbyists in charge of enlarging the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us against.

Senator Obama says he favors a living wage. But he doesn’t say he would immediately increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour, which is the equivalent of the 1968 minimum wage adjusted for inflation – because by doing so he would offend the big corporations who exploit labor in places like Wal-Mart and fast food chains. (The minimum wage needs to be increased immediately, not phased in over a number of years, as Senator Obama would have it.)

So Senator Obama, let’s get specific.

We’re looking for deeds, not, as Shakespeare put it, words, words, mere words.

Your public career, which I have also been paying attention to, is long on words, and short on action when it comes to consumer protection, cracking down on corporate crime, curbing the violence of toxic environmental racism, and extending clean, affordable public transit, among other issues.

For the purposes of the here and now, three things:

One, why don’t you support single payer national health insurance, which is supported by a majority of doctors and the American people?

Two, why do you favor expanding the military budget which is replete with waste, fraud and abuse?

And three, why don’t you come out and support an immediate increase of the minimum wage to $10 an hour?

When can we expect the authenticity of hope and change?

~ by ClapSo on June 27, 2008.

10 Responses to “IN YOUR FACE nobama!”

  1. Obama is flipping all over the place to find a cooler spot, he will then flip-flop again once he’s in the White House! He will say or do anything for a vote!
    Where does Obama stand on guns, they say its according to who he is talking to and his record shows that position!

  2. I believe that since you are so politically well informed that you must know that in order to win elections politicians have to tone down their positions to appeal to the majority. It is extremely naive to believe that a politician (in this country) with an open socialist-like agenda could ever be elected to the Presidency. Where did you get the information that he wants to expaand the military budget. I have heard him say again and again that those funds would be better spent on education, healthcare, our infrastructure, “green” energy, etc.

  3. my,

    This post is a reprint and comes from the Nader campaign. If you would like a source for anything included in this post, go to

    As to the above being “socialist-like” I suggest you look up the word socialist. I see NOTHING socialist about anything in the above post. Perhaps that’s because I know the meaning of the word, and you don’t.

    Your contention that “politicians have to tone down their positions to appeal to the majority” is a particularly troubling one. It says that only by appealing to the idiot mob, can one gain public office. I simply refute that. It should also be noted that the kind of phonies that would use such an election strategy should not hold an elected office.

    I do not think nobama is being a phony and “toning down” what he says. I think he is avoiding saying anything and allowing those like you to infer WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE HE IS SAYING.

    Case in point you state “I have heard him say again and again that those funds would be better spent on education, healthcare, our infrastructure, “green” energy, etc.”

    Where in that does he say HE WILL CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET? He does intend to increase the military budget. I know because as a senator he has repeatedly VOTED TO DO JUST THAT!

    Mark my words, if mcPain or nobama take the oval office, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. I did not use “socialist” in a negative way. I guess I could have used the term “progressive agenda”. What I trying to say is that in order to win politicians have to walk a very fine line. I have listened to every major speech that Mr. Obama has made and he is very clear about ending the war in Iraq and making the problems of this country a priority. Internationally he wants to concentrate the efforts of the military on Afghanistan for obvious reasons. Any person who wants to become President needs to get the “independent” vote. The people under the independent label could be liberterians to Nader supporters such as yourself. So how does a candidate get the most votes, by pleasing the masses pure and simple. I guess I could ask you how come Mr.Nader (and I admire him greatly) has not been elected to the presidency? Mr. Obaama is beating Republicans and establishment Democrats at their own game. He is a very intuitive, brilliant politician and a good person (imagine that).

  5. The clintons promised a national health care plan and didn’t deliver. Instead we got the disaster called NAFTA. If he wins nobama will do the same. He will make promises to get elected, then renege!

    The reason Nader has yet to win is because the dems keep using every dirty trick in the book to keep him off the ballot. They also refuse to allow him on the televised debates. Add the huge sums of money the corpoRATe thieves pour into both the dem and repub campaign coffers and it becomes obvious why a third party candidate has never won the presidency. THE ELECTIONS ARE FIXED!

    Then there are the idiot voters who fall for the slick willies and the g’dubyas! NADER WILL WIN WHEN YOU VOTE FOR HIM!

    Although nobama will gladly SPEAK in progressive generalizations. He is really just another establishment dem and will not walk the walk of his talk.

    It all comes down to why you believe that a senator who has voted REPEATEDLY to continue funding the war in Iraq, and also has voted REPEATEDLY to INCREASE the military budget will then turn around as prez and do the exact opposite?

    The dem nobama is just as bad as the repub mcPain!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  6. I think that you know that the way budgetary bills are written there is no separation of funds to keep the troops safe and funds for the orgy of waste and destruction that takes place in war. In other words, no presidential candidate is going to vote against funds for the troops’ needs. Barack will end the war. He spoke against the war when it was considered almost treason to do so.

  7. Sorry My,
    You are still fooled by what nobama says Vs WHAT HE HAS AND WILL DO!

    He is gonna continue the war if he wins.

    In 2003 when the dogs of war in washingtOOn and their friends in the main stream media were going on about “WMD” I screamed show me some proof or I don’t believe you. I was right, there was no WMD!

    In 2005 a whole bunch of well meaning fools tried to convince me to vote the dems the house and senate. They SWORE up and down that the dems would end the war. I TOLD THEM THE DEMS WOULD CONTINUE THE WAR! Here it is almost two years later and the war rages on. I WAS RIGHT AGAIN!

    Now there are a whole bunch of well meaning fools that believe that nobama will end the war. I’M TELLING YOU HE WON’T AND IF YOU FOOLS VOTE HIM IN I’LL BE RIGHT AGAIN!

    Nader has an exit plan! nobama has a war CONTINUATION PLAN!

    Nader is going to withdraw all troops from Iraq six months after taking office. That is his exit plan.

    nobama talks in generalities about “ending the war” but doesn’t say WHEN. That is no plan, that is just pandering for your vote!

    nobama is a liar! He ran around saying HE IS AGAINST WARRENTLESS WIRETAPPING and just a few days ago HE VOTED YES ON A BILL THAT CONTINUES SUCH SPYING!

    If you vote for nobama, you will regret it!


    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  8. “Pandering for votes” is what presidential candidates have to do in order to get into office. In regards to “warrantless wiretapping” he voted for the new bill which offers more protections to american citizens. If he did not vote YES on that bill he would have been accused of being soft on NATIONAL DEFENSE. The republicans would love nothing more then to be able to pin that label on him. He is running to win!!

  9. My,
    It’s clear you are an apologist for nobama. It’s clear that you intend to vote for him.

    I’m voting NADER!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  10. OK THEN..

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