When the two parties of the apocolypse say REDEPLOYMENT…

… THIS is what they REALLY MEAN. DAGNABIT! This from the new york times:


U.S. Considers Increasing Pace of Iraq Pullout

Published: July 13, 2008

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is considering the withdrawal of additional combat forces from Iraq beginning in September, according to administration and military officials, raising the prospect of a far more ambitious plan than expected only months ago.

Such a withdrawal would be a striking reversal from the nadir of the war in 2006 and 2007.

One factor in the consideration is the pressing need for additional American troops in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and other fighters have intensified their insurgency and inflicted a growing number of casualties on Afghans and American-led forces there.

More American and allied troops died in Afghanistan than in Iraq in May and June, a trend that has continued this month.

Although no decision has been made, by the time President Bush leaves office on Jan. 20, at least one and as many as 3 of the 15 combat brigades now in Iraq could be withdrawn or at least scheduled for withdrawal, the officials said.

The desire to move more quickly reflects the view of many in the Pentagon who want to ease the strain on the military but also to free more troops for Afghanistan and potentially other missions.

The most optimistic course of events would still leave 120,000 to 130,000 American troops in Iraq, down from the peak of 170,000 late last year after Mr. Bush ordered what became known as the “surge” of additional forces. Any troop reductions announced in the heat of the presidential election could blur the sharp differences between the candidates, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, over how long to stay in Iraq. But the political benefit might go more to Mr. McCain than Mr. Obama. Mr. McCain is an avid supporter of the current strategy in Iraq. Any reduction would indicate that that strategy has worked and could defuse antiwar sentiment among voters.


REDEPLOYMENT means sending our young people in uniform to “Afghanistan and potentially other missions.“, other missions meaning IRAN! There is nothing in what mcPain or nobama say that really means to end this war. The syphlatic co-joined twins of the apocalypse intend to continue this dirty war well into the future. When these two idiots talk about REDEPLOYMENT, remember that they mean moving troops elsewhere to fight against someone else! SONOFABUSH! They intend to keep deficit spending on the waste fraud and abuse that is the military budget. OUR lives will be made worse because of the mcbama agenda! In the mean time the thiving corpoRATeers will get ever RICHER, as OUR kids come home in plastic bags! The time has come to end this pork barrel spending on the disaster of a war!

Leave the flip flopping mcPain and nobama behind!

Support and vote for the ONLY candidate who will end this military adventuring!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope YOU can see how the dems and repubs are just conning YOU into voting for them so they can continue the war!

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~ by ClapSo on July 17, 2008.

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