It’s the ENVIRONMENT Stupid? WTF!?

DAGNABIT! With the war raging on and causing ADDITIONAL out of control pork barrel military spending, the economy in the shitter and millions here in the US without health care and living in poverty, among other major problems. It only makes sense for the dirty dems to go all environMENTAL on us huh? This from ap:


Gore pushes environment with activist bloggers

By KELLEY SHANNON, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN, Texas – Last year it was about the candidates. This year it’s the climate.

Former Vice President Al Gore made a surprise appearance Saturday at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of nearly 2,000 left-leaning bloggers and political organizers. He urged the activists to mobilize for global climate protection by amplifying his call to generate all the nation’s electricity from renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal in 10 years.

At last year’s conference, formerly called YearlyKos, seven Democratic presidential candidates — including Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, now the presumptive nominee — vied for the support of the bloggers, whose political influence has grown exponentially since they emerged as a significant factor in presidential politics during former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s White House campaign five years ago.

Having locked up the Democratic nomination, Obama skipped this year’s conference, but his deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand, talked about the campaign’s strategy to portray Obama as the leader of a new political movement rather than a traditional candidate.


“It ain’t MY FAULT! I kept MY PANTS ON!”

When al bore came out all environMENTAL a while back, I knew that this major product launch he was directing would come back to haunt us! First off, it should be noted that bore was the VP that FAILED TO GET THE KYOTO PROTOCOL RATIFIED BY THE US GOVERNMENT! In the waning days of the slick willy administration, getting this treaty ratified was al bore’s baby. HE FAILED! Now he has become mr. global warming? SONOFABUSH! This is the same bore who lost to this idiot in 2000:

This is the same bore who ushered in the labushanostra coup of our government via his inability TO CARRY HIS HOME STATE IN 2000! This clown al bore is a symbol of EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT, WITHOUT BEING IN ANY WAY A SYMBOL OF POSITIVE CHANGE!

The dirty dems have no intention of passing legislation that will start to fix the damage done our planet by global warming! This is just the latest dem SMOKESCREEN to cover up the fact that their presidential celebdidate, nobama, is in bed with the nuclear industry and the rest of the military industrial complex! That goes double for the dirty dem party itself! After eight years of the slick willy/al bore administration DOING NOTHING ON GLOBAL WARMING. After almost two years of the dirty dem controlled house and senate DOING NOTHING ON GLOBAL WARMING. What makes YOU believe the dirty dems have ANY INTENTION OF DOING ANYTHING ON GLOBAL WARMING IN FUTURE?

Let’s look at how nobama dissed ko ko the klown’s kids, AKA the so called “netroots nation.” After running down to g’dubya’s home state of texass to kiss ko ko the klown’s feet last year when he was running for the dem nomination. The now dirty dem nominee conveniently schedules a trip abroad so as to be out of town for this all important texass circus. In his stead, nobama sent his cheap PR flak, lil stevie hildebrand to feed Nonsensical Nondescript Gibberish Generalization Cream pie™ to the assembled suckers. ap framed lil stevies lobbying for nobama like this:

…the campaign’s strategy to portray Obama as the leader of a new political movement rather than a traditional candidate.

Transaltion: nobama sez “I have the audacity to hope YOU will fall for my gibberish!”

LMAO! I throw back my head and cackle with insane glee!

If nobama is the leader of a movement, it is a bowel movement which should be flushed down the same toilet as moveon and a host of other very well funded dirty dem apologist organizations!

The dirty dems are serving two flavors of cult koolaid:

environMENTAL smokescreen AND change, change, change smokescreen.

Unlike ko ko the klown’s kids, this activist blogger for one, has no intention of quaffing either of those bitter cocktails!

I intend instead to drink the cool clear water of REAL CHANGE offered by the only TRULY PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATE for president, RALPH NADER!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope the “netroots” runaways will see the light and come home to the truly progressive agenda of Ralph Nader, before it’s too late! Come on home kids! All is forgiven! Run away from the CorpoRATeer co-joined twins of the apocalypse called mcbama…


I think the “netroots” need a mascot. Here is my suggestion:

Waxy, the netroots nation turnip

Why a turnip? Because that’s how effective in making change ko ko the klown’s korp of kooks now are, as effective as a turnip! Why? Because ko ko and kompany have NOTHING TO NEGOTIATE WITH ANYMORE! ko ko ran around saying “we vote for democrats, period!” Now the dirty dems can take ko ko’s kids FOR GRANTED! Want proof of this? That con artist nobama didn’t even bother to come to ko ko’s texass three ring circus this year. He KNOWS YOU IDIOTS ARE GONNA VOTE FOR HIM ALREADY! He knows you idiots will recite nobama’s excuse catechism by rote any time ANYONE QUESTIONS why you are voting for him! Might as well dig a hole and throw the netroots in! The dems have co-opted you fools…

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The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on July 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “It’s the ENVIRONMENT Stupid? WTF!?”

  1. Informative & entertaining… it must be the spinning logo & subliminal messages. Maby remote controled cyborg warriors instead of people. It is the time for the button pusshing generation to break out the NES controlers and push buttons till our fingers blister.

  2. OMG! You totally nailed it as usual, Clapso. It’s good to read your brilliance again after being away a long time.

  3. Yeah,
    I had some issues Luminaria. But I’ve been back since March. Good to see ya and thanks for the compliment!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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