WAR is a FAILURE of FOREIGN POLICY, NOT an Instrument Thereof!

The title of this post is a declaration of the difference between me and the two parties of the apocalypse in political control of our country. THEY BELIEVE THAT WAR IS AN INSTRUMENT OF FOREIGN POLICY. That is, they believe they can use INVASION and MURDER to achieve their political and economic goals. This is simply NOT historically sensible. Throughout human history great empires have risen and fallen. Whether it was the roman empire, or the british empire or the french empire or the third reich. You can always see the historical fall coming. The fall would always be caused by the idea that the empires military could be thrown at any problem. Blow em up and kill em if they don’t like it!

The American empire is at that failure point. War has now become the answer to every problem. Further evidence is provided by what militarist dogs the leaders of failing empires are. Historically we have seen the rise in power of constantine, king george, napoleon, and hitler. These were militarist madman! They were mass murderers on an industrial scale! DAGNABIT!

We now come to that failure point in the American empire. We have the militarist leader. He has been in charge for almost eight years. This is what he looks like:

He’s an ugly little spud ain’t he? He has lead us to war under false presences. He need be PROSECUTED FOR HIS CRIMES! Here is a video that makes that case. The witness is a lawyer with many years experience as a prosecutor. He is most famous for his successful prosecution of mass murderer charles manson. He makes the case that bush and his crime family are GUILTY OF MURDER!

I will take him one step further. A case can be made that the elected dems and repubs currently in office are also GUILTY OF MURDER! They can claim they were duped, but once no hard evidence of WMD was found, they knew the truth! Allowing the murder to continue FOR SEVERAL YEARS, without bringing the members of labushanostra to impeachment justice makes them all unindited co-conspirators! EVERY DAMNED SENATOR AND MEMBER OF CONGRESS!

What do we get from mugsy mcPain? This from cnn:


McCain: bin Laden could face Nuremberg-like justice

From Ed Hornick

(CNN) — Sen. John McCain on Friday said as president he would consider bringing Osama bin Laden to justice through a Nuremberg-like international trial.

He told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “We have various options. The Nuremberg Trials are certainly an example of the kind of tribunal that we could move forward with. I don’t think we’d have any difficulty in devising an international — internationally supported mechanism that would mete out justice. There’s no problem there.”

McCain said it would be a “good thing to reveal to the world the enormity of this guy’s crimes, and his intentions, which are still there.”


SONOFABUSH! Leave it to mcPain to call for the trial of a criminal on the lamb, while saying nothing about a trial of the war criminal infesting the oval office. The co-joined twins of the apocalypse, mcbama, do not support impeachment of labushanostra! WTF!?

Speaking of criminals and cops. Here’s an interesting article from the washingtOOn post:


Strategy Against Al-Qaeda Faulted

Report Says Effort Is Not a ‘War’

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 30, 2008; Page A04

The Bush administration’s terrorism-fighting strategy has not significantly undermined al-Qaeda‘s capabilities, according to a major new study that argues the struggle against terrorism is better waged by law enforcement agencies than by armies.

The study by the nonpartisan Rand Corp. also contends that the administration committed a fundamental error in portraying the conflict with al-Qaeda as a “war on terrorism.” The phrase falsely suggests that there can be a battlefield solution to terrorism, and symbolically conveys warrior status on terrorists, it said.

“Terrorists should be perceived and described as criminals, not holy warriors,” authors Seth Jones and Martin Libicki write in “How Terrorist Groups End: Lessons for Countering al-Qaeda,” a 200-page volume released yesterday.


Send the cops to catch criminals. Send the army to fight other armies!

Support and vote for the only presidential candidate who supports impeachment of labushanostra and who will move our country away from military industrial complex lead war, to a good and lasting PEACE!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I think YOU should be onto the two parties of the apocalypse and their schemes by now. VOTE NADER!

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~ by ClapSo on July 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “WAR is a FAILURE of FOREIGN POLICY, NOT an Instrument Thereof!”

  1. I like the title. Police action does seem to be more just than grunts. That would also mean the army has to fallow a code if you mean army as cop army. It is a interesting idea. I would sugjest the novel guards guards.

  2. Excellent Ghostbusters Reference.

  3. Glad to have you back! Your post reminds me of one that I think is a quite fresh analysis of the lessons of Iraq and Afg. that I came across yesterday. While he’s not as profoundly anti-war as you and I, he does issue a wake-up call that the problems with Iraq and Afg wars are not mainly Bush or mainly needing a different kind of military, they are the problems of needing a humbler foreign policy. Good stuff: Is Perpetual War Our Future?.

    A little wisdom is creeping in, here and there, around the edges!

  4. You might also have some use for this clip: End the sovereignty of militarism – a remarkable summary of a report by the certainly-not-anti-military RAND corporation, and this oneWe scarcely DO diplomacy. Thanks, friend, for your good work!

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