obamessiah SPEAKS, yet says NOTHING!

I wanted this post to be about yesterdays DNC acceptence speech, but there just wasn’t anything to it. I watched the whole damn thing on the tube. It was the standard, substandard nobama bullshit! In the face of years of war disaster, economic disaster including bank failures and home forecloses, a lack of a sensible health care system, people losing jobs, the cost of EVERYTHING SKYROCKETING, low wages and rising unemployment, etc. The dirty dems fiddle in denver, while our republic BURNS!

Before yesterdays speech, as reported by reuters, we got this promise from nobama himself:


Obama promises speech with purpose, no mere rhetoric

By Caren Bohan Mon Aug 25, 2008

MOLINE, Illinois (Reuters) – Barack Obama promised on Monday to accept the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination with a “workman-like speech” offering policy details and not simply his trademark rhetoric.

Critics who admire his oratorical gifts say he needs to match lofty words with specifics. They say it isn’t enough for him to promise change and hope without spelling out how he intends to do that if elected on November 4.


What we got instead was sentimental standard substandard nobama blather! There was a sack of the standard substandard dem lip service too! nobama is simply run of the dem mill. He won’t solve a single problem if elected, and will cause a host of our problems TO BECOME WORSE! He is the same old, same old.

SONOFABUSH! All I can report here is WHAT HE DIDN’T talk about, THE ISSUES, NOT ANY OF EM!

The dance craze that’s sweeping the nation! The obamessiah verbal shuffle:

Did he talk about single payer universal health care?


He instead talked about “access” to insurance. He has some sort of discount plan in mind. His plan does nothing to root out the waste, fraud and abuse visited on us by the insurance companies. Only a single payer plan will bring health care costs under control. Under nobama’s half baked plan YOU will have to be able to afford the discount price! YOU won’t, I’m sure YOU won’t be able to afford it, nobama is bullshitting!

Did he talk about why he is against an immediate increase in the minimum wage to $10 an hour so it will have the same buying power that it did in 1964?


Did he talk about why he thinks the disaster of a war need continue FOR AT LEAST TWO MORE BLOODY YEARS?


Did he explain why the dirty dem controlled house and senate, including himself, have voted repeatedly to continue to fund the disaster of a war?


Did he explain why he was against warrentless wiretapping before he voted to continue it?


Did he explain why he and his butt buddy mcPain refuse to debate Nader?


He ran around during the primaries saying he would debate any other candidate anytime, anywhere. Nader called him on his bullshit. BOTH nobama and mcPain are dodging NADER! The two syphilitic co-joined twins of the apocalypse called mcbama KNOW NADER WILL WHIP THEIR WIMPY ASSES IN DEBATE!

It was really pitiful seeing nobama try to draw differences between himself and mcPain. When it comes to agenda and policy, a nobama presidency will be just as bad as a mcPain presidency. Those two idiots agree more then they differ. They will continue to run the country into the ground! They will continue to point the finger of blame at the other party. The dems blame the repubs, and the repubs blame the dems. This is just part of their cynical head game. That head game is being played ON YOU!

These failures are the fault OF BOTH PARTIES and THEIR corpoRATeer bankrollers! WE must crack the CONTROL of our political system by the two parties of the apocalypse. WE must go into the voting booth and vote against both the dems and repubs!

We must crack the economic control of the thieving pig rich corpoRATeers! These are the idiots whose larcanies have lead us to the point of world wide depression! These are the idiots why give us a failing health care system, and MAKE US PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR THE DISASTER! We must crack their control, by turning our back on their bought and prayed for republicrat spin doctors. WE must do this come election day!

nobama also used the blame the victim technique. “Individual responsibility” nobama said this again, and again. He means IT’S all YOUR FAULT! He says “government can’t do everything!” This is just repub parroting, more then anything else. The dems do that “personal responsibility” thing TOO, huh?!

How come the dirty dems haven’t held the members labushanostra personally responsible for the criminal acts committed in the oval office these last almost EIGHT YEARS!?? why don’t they do that via IMPEACHMENT? So much for a dem or a repub spewing this “personal responsibility” BULLSHIT!

He’s TELLING YOU UP FRONT THAT HE WON’T BE HELPING YOU, AT ALL! Don’t be surprised if you vote him in and get screwed again!


Of course the kool aid drinkers at the stadium drank the staged event up! The lemmings for nobama were jumping to their deaths in ECSTASY from the stadium nose bleed seats! But I didn’t budge. I never bought nobama, and I still don’t! I hope you saw through nobama’s smoke screen too!


What sickened me the most about this nobamafest was how much corpoRATe money the two parties of the apocalypse SPEND ON THIS TYPE EVENT.

In better times, the bloated multi-zillion dollar budgets of these conventions are just a waste. In these hard times…

How many of US will end up living like THIS?

How many of US will end up living like THIS?

…when many of us BARELY HAVE WHAT TO EAT, these multi-zillion dollar  “let em eat cake” events are more then I can stand…

He did talk family values though. He quoted the bible. “I am my brothers keeper” nobama says, but he says one thing, then does another. Check out this video about a nobama family member:

DAGNABIT! There are those that say nobama gives a good speech, and maybe he does. BUT THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXAMPLE OF A TRULY GREAT SPEECH. It explains why WE can’t afford 4 more years of the two parties of the apocalypse:

In a democracy, it is said WE get the government WE deserve. I’m here to tell ya WE deserve BETTER then what WE have been getting from the two parties of the apocalypse. WE deserve BETTER then one of the two syphilitic corpoRATeer co-joined twins of the apocalypse called mcbama, INFESTING the oval office. WE MUST SUPPORT AND VOTE FOR THE GREATEST LIVING AMERICAN, RALPH NADER! He is the only candidate that will solve OUR problems!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I wish to remind you that tomorrow being the last Saturday of the month, we will be posting this months edition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse. We hope you have the TV tray and snacks ready! Please tune in tomorrow for this months ClapSorific™ edition!

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  1. We want Big Buck Bunny! For a cartoon. I like debates.

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