ClapSo’s Video Funhouse, August 2008 edition

OK kids, make yourselves a couple of Fluffernutter sandwiches and a big glass of Ovaltine (I make mine with heavy cream to get the fat content just right, 2% milk being the work of Satan!) and gather around the Television er, um computer (that just doesn’t seem right) for this months edition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse!

It’s time that the debate be enjoined. Unfortunately, the two parties of the apocalypse are afraid to debate Nader. The lily livered chicken hawks that that are running under the soiled banner of the dem/repub party are again, as they have in past, refused thus far to let Nader into the presidential debates. SHAME ON THEM FOR BEING UNDEMOCRATIC!


Nader will be on 45 state ballots come the presidential election in November! YOU should VOTE FOR HIM!


The dem pigs have gone so far as to build CAGES to house protesters at their convention in Denver. Who will they CAGE once the election is over? WILL IT BE YOU?


Ashley Sanders is MY NEWEST HERO!


The Telepathic Crickets and I hope you’ve enjoyed this months edition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse! We hope you return the last Saturday of each month for new editions of the Funhouse and hope you will join us here Monday through Friday evenings for our regularly scheduled blog posts! I always post on or before 6pm eastern time.

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~ by ClapSo on August 30, 2008.

One Response to “ClapSo’s Video Funhouse, August 2008 edition”

  1. CAGES …humm instructables high voltage & wrestleing cage match

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