The conservative agenda has FAILED YOU!

DAGNABIT! It should be clear to EVERYONE that there is simply no rational argument against what is said in the title of this post. The conservative agenda has proven itself to be intellectually and morally bankrupt! The whole damn thing has come crashing down on OUR heads, with the full weight of OUR crashing world economy! In case there is anyone reading this that is so CLUELESS as to believe there is any reason to allow the right wingers any more chances to prove they can’t govern, I offer you these proofs to my post title contention:

1) The “get the government out of the way of business” bullshit, which allowed THEM to foist “deregulation” on us in the name of “free enterprise” has lead to the savings and loan debacle of the late ’80’s, the enron disaster, the current mortgage crisis, the FAILURE that is our disaster of a health care system, and a whole host of other economic FAILURES that threaten to CRASH THE WORLD ECONOMY! The “answer” to these problems offered by the power elite, that such deregulated and otherwise under regulated industries LEMON SOCIALIST demand for tax payer BAILOUTS should be met with the US treasury being raided by the corpoRATeer dogs who have crashed our economy with their excesses, proves that the right wing insistence that government need “stay out of the economic arena” is double bullshit! It’s double, because (first) when government lets the corpoRATeers run loose and wild, we get ECONOMIC FAILURE and (second) then we get CALLS TO INFUSE THE FAILING corpoRATions WITH BAILOUTS VIA GOVERNMENT SPENDING! The right wing idiots can’t have it both ways. Either the government should stay out of the economic arena and let the vaunted so called “free market” correct it self by running the idiots in detroit out of the car business via bankruptcy, and running the failed banks out of the business via bankruptcy, etc; OR you right wing dogs ADMIT THAT YOU ARE ALL FOR LEMON SOCIALIST BAILOUTS when the failed right wing policies lead to DISASTER!

2) The “peace through strength” bullshit, via PORK BARREL DEFICIT GOVERNMENT SPENDING has FAILED. We have been spending OUTRAGEOUS SUMS and have created the most destructive military in human history via that disaster called military industrial complex, and yet WE HAVE NO PEACE! WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR FOR MORE THEN HALF THE EIGHT YEARS YOUR “compassionate conservative” DOUCHE BAG has been in the oval office!

3) Economic “globalization” DEVOID of social and political globalization, is a FAILURE! All YOU have done is make a worldwide economic depression MORE LIKELY. The scheming and greedy corpoRATeers need STRONGER GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION, lest their THIEVING tumble the world economy, as is happening NOW!

4) The right wing contention that “what poverty stricken people here in the US and around the world need is that ol’ time religion” is utter BULLSHIT! WE CAN’T EAT YOUR HOLY BOOKS IDIOTS! Keep your sick religions OFF MY SPIRITUALITY!

5) The right wing insistence that “guns, guns, guns” are the answer to every problem is a FAILURE at home and abroad! WE NEED BUTTER, BUTTER, BUTTER! Nuff said!

6) The right wing insistence that we “entrust our energy and transportation sectors” to such as exxon and gm IS A FAILURE! These thieves are not satisfied with their LICENSE TO STEAL FROM US AT THE PUMP AND IN THE SHOWROOM, THEY INSIST ON HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN corpoRATe WELFARE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY AS WELL! THEY ROB US FROM EVERY SOURCE THEY CAN THINK OF!

7) The right wing contention that “big government” is bad, while big corpoRATions are good, is stupid! You get the SAME PROBLEMS FROM BIG BUSINESS THAT YOU GET FROM BIG GOVERNMENT! WE need either small business AND small government OR big business AND big government to REGULATE it, lest the power of concentration of wealth in big business overwhelms the governments ability to mitigate problems associated with big business economic oligarchy.

8) Tax cuts for the pig rich are good for the economy. BULLSHIT! When right wing idiots like ronnie raygun and lasbushanostra cut taxes, WE WOUND UP WITH SKYROCKETING DEFICITS AND HUGE RUN UPS IN THE NATIONAL DEBT! The excuse that the dems did it don’t hold for the six years labushanostra and the repubs held the house and senate! The dems ain’t without sin on this though. Both the dirty dems AND filthy repubs LOVE TO DEFICIT SPEND ON MILITARY PORK BARREL PROJECTS! SONOFABUSH! I can go on like this for days, and not cover ALL THE FAILURES CAUSED BY THE RIGHT WING AGENDA!

It is now IMPERATIVE THAT I WARN YOU that the flippity floppity, wishy washy, HALF ASSED, radical moderate agenda offered by the ethically challenged, syphilitic, co-joined twins of the apocalypse called mcbama is simply an attempt by the two parties of the apocalypse to REPACKAGE the failed right wing agenda. THEY ARE PUTTING A NEW AND IMPROVED STICKER on the economic and political POISON they have been getting YOU to quaff FOR DECADES! Go ahead, commit stupidcide™ by voting for reverend mcPain or obamessiah! IF YOU BELIEVE EITHER OF THOSE TWO IDIOTS DESERVE YOUR VOTE, GO AHEAD AND GIVE IT TO EM! BUT I WARN YOU, IF YOU VOTE EITHER OF THEM IN, YOU’RE GONNA GET IT, AS IN ROYALLY SCREWED!


In the deregulation demolition derby™, both parties of the apocalypse RACE to see which one gets the biggest bag of dirty lobbyist BRIBE MONEY. In matters not whether it’s the dirty dems or filthy repubs. In the end this race always ends in a CRASH!!!!!!!!! YOU, the taxpayer, ALWAYS WIND UP PAYING THE COST OF CLEAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets take a look at the fannie freddie disaster to see how both the reverend mcPain and obamessiah are both running around claiming they are “change” when both of them are up to their necks in this mess. NEITHER nobama OR mcPain has any record of EVER CHALLENGING the corpoRATeers, including the thieves at fannie and freddie, AT ANY TIME DURING THEIR TENURES IN THE SENATE!

In fact, BOTH parties of the apocalypse  and their respective sypthliac co joined twins of the apocalypse called mcbama ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH THE THIEVING corpoRATeers! THEY HAVE BEEN “DEREGULATING” THESE COMPANIES FOR YEARS! LOOK AT THE DISASTROUS RESULT! First lets look at how mcPain is in bed with the corpoRATeers. He was one of the “keating five” senators investigated by the Senate, accused of interceding with federal regulators in support of the corpoRATeer thieves that caused the savings and loan disaster back in the 80’s. mcPain and the other keating four got slapped on the wrist.

How is mcPain kheating now? He’s kheating by saying he opposes lobbying. mcPains campaign staff is LOADED with LOBBYISTS! mcPain’s campaign manager, rick davis, is a longtime lobbyist; mPain’s confidant and adviser charlie black, whose firm worked for Freddie Mac for several years ending in 2005, mcPains deputy campaign finance chairman, wayne l. berman, is a vice president for Ogilvy Worldwide and a former fannie mae lobbyist. rick davis was head of the homeownership alliance, a coalition of banks and housing industry interests led by Fannie and Freddie to stave off regulations. mcPain veep vetter, arthur b. culvahouse jr., was a past Fannie lobbyist. These mcPain insiders have been making BIG BUCKS to make damn sure that regulations were never put in place that would have SAVED YOU THE TAX PAYER THE HUGE SUMS YOU WILL NOW HAVE TO PAY TO CLEAN UP THE fannie/freddie MESS!

How about a short list of lobbyists who have given mcPain bribes, ur um campaign contributions: Six members of the filthy repub lobbying firm fierce isakowitz & blalock, all Fannie Mae lobbyists, have given mcPain $13,250. New York investor geoffrey t. boisi, a member of freddie mac’s board, contributed more than $70,000 mcPain and filthy repub party committees working for his election. Both he and richard F. hohlt, a fannie Mae lobbyist, are “bundlers” who have raised $100,000 to $250,000 from others, according to the mcPain campaign Web site. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Both mcPain and nobama have a host of lobbyists on their campaign staffs and take big money from these corpoRATeer dogs!

Lets look at obamessiah. The former chairman of fannie, james johnson, initially led nobama’s veep search committee, but jimmy had to step aside after a controversy over favorable loan terms he received from another firm.

obamessiah has taken bribes, ur um campaign contributions from freddie Mac senior veep robert y. tsien and freddie diCKrectors william m. lewis jr., a banker at lazard, and the chicago businesswoman brenda j. gaines. nobama CLAIMS he “does not accept contributions from lobbyists”, but obamessiah has been a favorite of Fannie Mae employees and their political action committee, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. He HAS A BIG BACK DOOR THROUGH WHICH SACKS OF LOBBYIST CASH BRIBES FILTER! The obamessiah campaign is MONEY LAUNDERING the bribe money!

nobama was second only to the Senate Banking Committee chairman, christopher j. dodd, the Connecticut dirty dem, in contributions from freddie/fannie employees and PACs since 1998.

What about the connections to the two parties of the apocalypse? fannie/freddie always hired from and contributed to both parties, generally fannie favored the dirty dems and freddie favored the filthy repubs.

One of the biggest PROOFS that mcPain AND nobama are full of shit is the fact that THEY ARE AFRAID TO DEBATE NADER and the other third party and independent candidates. They are AFRAID that YOU may hear from these other candidates a fresh perspective on the issues. THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IN THEIR UTTER BULLSHIT AND CAN’T AFFORD TO SHARE THE STAGE WITH ANYONE THAT WILL CALL THEM ON IT! “Debates” with just mcbama, and no one else, will just be one dimensional affairs intended to allow mcbama TO BLOW SMOKE UP YOUR ASS! THIS REFUSAL TO ALLOW OTHER CANDIDATES IS CENSORSHIP AT ITS WORST! IF mcbama TRULY BELIEVES IN FREE SPEECH, THE OTHER CANDIDATES WILL BE ON THE STAGE FOR THE TELEVISED PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES!

Take a look at Nader answering the question “what will the first 100 days of your presidency look like?”:

nobama or mcPain will give us a first 100 days that will be EXACTLY LIKE THE LAST EIGHT YEARS!

YOU have a very important choice to make. Either You can continue to go along with THEM and their failed agenda OR YOU can JOIN US IN SUPPORTING AND VOTING FOR THE ONLY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WHO WILL FIX THE MESS THE TWO PARTIES OF THE APOCALYPSE HAVE MADE:


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope you have seen the two videos below. If you haven’t, please do so as soon as possible. They give excellent insights into what YOUR CHOICE in this election will bring about…

HEY, mcPain and nobama:

Open The Debates!

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The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “The conservative agenda has FAILED YOU!”

  1. Humm lots of work on this I like the deregulation derby term it sounds fun but describes things and sticks with you. I still wonder if it is time to burrow into the minds of the corperateers and expose them for their deeds in otherwords you take away the lies nowone is fooled. Then they have to think… Or enslave them as a cog in the cybernetic workforce where they can not hurt anyone whale picking betes all day ha ha ha that is a just punishment brains over easy. Brains we want brains yum yum

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