Loose Nuke WMD Found in Possession of ROGUE STATE, as some time is added to the AIG Ticking Time Bomb

SONOFABUSH! Well, it looks like those tin soldiers at the pentagon finally figured out where all the uncontrolled nuclear weapons are! This from the washingtOOn post:


Unified Nuclear Command Urged

Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 13, 2008

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates yesterday called on the Air Force to establish clear and unified control over the nation’s nuclear arsenal, after a new report by a Pentagon task force concluded that the service had neglected its stewardship of such weapons for more than a decade.

“Today no senior leader in the Air Force ‘owns’ the nuclear mission,” concluded the eight-member task force, appointed by Gates and chaired by former defense secretary James R. Schlesinger. “The current organization is not properly structured.”

The task force recommended yesterday that the Air Force designate a new Air Force Strategic Command, which would replace the current Air Force Space Command, and make it accountable for the nuclear mission. It also called for all Air Force bombers to be placed under a single command.

Gates, speaking at a Pentagon news conference where Schlesinger outlined the report, stressed that unity of command over nuclear weapons and materials is vital, adding that “the task force . . . makes a strong case in this respect for a new command.” He said no decision had been made on the command proposal.

The push to centralize Air Force management of the nuclear force weapons follows two serious mishaps involving U.S. nuclear weapons — an August 2007 incident when the Air Force unknowingly flew nuclear warheads between North Dakota and Louisiana, and the mistaken shipment in 2006 of ballistic missile fuses to Taiwan.


ROFL! Unified command? Hell, the way those spit and polish parade “soldiers” at the pentagon have been running things, ANY COMMAND WILL DO! DAGNABIT! They couldn’t run a washing machine without burnin’ the house down! That goes double for that labushanostra poor mans patton, petraeus!

Speaking of whom. Here’s a shot of the new commander in Iraq, gen. ray odierno. That’s big ray on the right, I can’t quite place who the midget with the forlorn expression sitting next to him is:

SONOFABUSH! these idiots in washingtOOn can’t do anything right! With the economy in the shitter, the endless disaster of a war robbing us via pork barrel military spending, obamessiah and the reverend mcPain claiming to represent “change”, while their respective campaigns ARE LOADED WITH THE SAME OLD ethically challenged corpRATeer lobbyist usual suspects. It’s a good thing NADER is running or we wouldn’t even have a chance of getting a positive outcome come November!

On the economy and bombs, looks like the aig economic bomb was temporarily defused, or at least they added a little time to that still ticking time bomb. OF COURSE THEY DID IT WITH LEMON SOCIALIST corpoRATe WELFARE! This from ap:


Government bails out AIG with $85 billion loan


WASHINGTON – For the second time this month, the U.S. government put taxpayer money on the hook to rescue a private financial company, saying the failure of the huge insurer American International Group Inc. would further disrupt markets and threaten the already fragile economy.

The Federal Reserve said Tuesday it would provide up to $85 billion in an emergency, two-year loan to rescue AIG, which teetered on the edge of failure because of stresses caused by the collapse of the subprime mortgage market and the credit crunch that ensued. In return, the government will get a 79.9 percent stake in AIG and the right to remove senior management.

The move was similar to government’s seizure on Sept. 7 of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, where the Treasury Department said it was prepared to put up as much as $100 billion over time in each of the companies if needed to keep them from going broke.

Both moves were bound to raise questions about the use of taxpayer money to bail out private firms.


DAGNABIT! Really? Ya think this “move” may  “raise questions about the use of taxpayer money to bail out private firms.” Holy shit, there is someone in the msm who believes there are questions to be raised? Hey jeannine, ieva and stephen over at the ap, there. If you wanna hear some questions raised about this here move, and get some real ANSWERS TO THOSE QUESTIONS I suggest you contact RALPH NADER! In case you, and the rest of the main stream media haven’t heard, he’s running for president and he’s on the ballot IN 45 states. Since Nader is the ONLY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WHO WILL BE CAMPAIGNING IN ALL 50 STATES, I’M SURE HE WILL BE COMING BY WHEREVER YOUR CUBICLE IS LOCATED! Why not get out the office for an hour or so and interview him about the economic disaster? After all, you are all “business writers” who have questions about the use of taxpayer money and he is a GREAT SOURCE of information, with decades of experience concerning his fight against the kind of corpoRATe EXCESSES that have lead to this latest ECONOMIC MELTDOWN!



The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I think nobama and mcPain are chickenshit pussy wimps for refusing to DEBATE NADER!

HEY, mcPain and nobama:
Open The Debates!

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The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “Loose Nuke WMD Found in Possession of ROGUE STATE, as some time is added to the AIG Ticking Time Bomb”

  1. listen up! everyones favorage glom.com reporter tink widget will be interviewing useing conceled microphones recruiters on brain computer interface teechnology also the congressmen on improved lie detector technology submitions.

    Control the past and you control the future.

    Dig into their brains and broadcast when they break wind and all their dirty thoughts.

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