wall street banks sell TAXPAYERS the Brooklyn Bridge!

Well Cricketeers, the rip offs of we, the taxpayers continue. Old timers can tell you that unscrupulous con men used to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to unwary suckers. Here in the 21st century, the unscrupulous con men are in the boardrooms and offices of corpoRATions and government. Their unwary suckers are now called the taxpayers. These boardroom con men are selling YOU the Brooklyn Bridge! They call them “assets of UNKNOWN VALUE!” THAT MEANS WE TAXPAYERS ARE BUYING A WORTHLESS PIG WITHOUT THE POKE OR THE LIPSTICK! There will be claims by the msm and the idiots in washingtOOn that this will eventually pay off for the taxpayers when these “assets of UNKNOWN VALUE” are sold. What crystal ball are those lying dogs in washingtOOn and the msm using to predict the future worth of “assets of UNKNOWN VALUE?” Why didn’t they gaze into that crustal ball and PREDICT THE DISASTER THEY ARE USING AS AN EXCUSE FOR LOOTING THE US TREASURY?

SONOFABUSH! Speaking of con men, that sleazy weasel comrade chairman g’dubya came into power promising that he would “run the country like a business.” He has made good on that promise, he has run our country into the ground like lehman brothers! RUN OUR ECONOMY RIGHT INTO THE GROUND! NOW THEY ARE FORCING US ALL TO PAY TO BAILOUT THE THIEVES WHO CAUSED THIS ECONOMIC DISASTER! To make matters EVEN WORSE, what has gone mostly unsaid in the msm is that this corpoRATe welfare bailout GIVES labushanostra EVEN MORE POWER THEN THEY HAVE ALREADY STOLEN FROM US IN THE LAST EIGHT YEARS! I for one don’t think comrade chairman g’dubya and his dick need ANY MORE POWER OVER US! This latest military industrial complex disaster is being used to further enhance the the power of the corpoRATe cartoon polit bureau that comrade chairman g’dubya and his dick have created in washingtOOn. It has been done with the help of the feckless appaRATchiks of BOTH the dirty dems and filthy repubs. As the acme anvil has dropped off the economic cliff, the two parties of the apocalypse have pulled the corpoRATe road runner out from under, and thrown the wile e coyote TAX PAYERS INTO ECONOMIC HARMS WAY!

It has been widely reported that the lady who does lunch Pelosi said that Congress will take action on the bailout this week but will act “to insulate Main Street from Wall Street.” INSULATE? Hell it’s too late for that, this zillion dollar corpoRATe welfare BAILOUT WILL FURTHER SHORT CIRCUIT THE US ECONOMY! Let’s face it, the corpoRATeer two parties of the apocalypse have already done a “test to failure” on the economy. Anyone who believes this jury rigged disaster of a bailout plan will fix anything is kidding themselves!

Comrade chairman of the house unrepublican activities committee, boehner, said Sunday that fellow lawmakers should not try to load up the bill with amendments. “This is not a time for people to be playing games – we need to keep it clean and simple.” No games huh bon bon? Where the hell were you while your corpoRATeer butt buddies went “all in” in this high stakes economic poker game they’ve been playing? “Clean and simple” huh? You meant to say the corpoRATeers will be welcome to simply clean out the US treasury of taxpayers funds! Face it bon bon, you’ve been in on the game all along! In fact, it’s a damn disgrace to watch you bunch down in washingtOOn scramble to assist your butt buddy corpoRATeers in their latest THEFT of taxpayer funds. YOU bon bon are the worst of the bunch! If the US treasury were an actual SAFE located in the center of the national mall in washingtOOn, and the corpoRATeer burglers had to phyically “crack it” to make off with the loot. YOU comrade chairman bon bon would show up with a flashlight to assist in the larcany, EVEN IF IT HAPPENDED AT HIGH NOON IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Venezuelan president chevez and company must be LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF AT THE HYPOCRISY OF THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY! After YEARS of labushanostra screaming, whining, and bitching about Venezuelan nationalization of corpoRATe business interests, the bush crime family has moved from free marketeers, to dyed in the wool REDS in less then a week! At least when it comes to nationalization of and “ownership” of the debt and losses! THIS IS WHAT comrade chairman g’dubya has meant by the “ownership society.” We the tax payers OWN THE LOSSES, while comrade chairman g’dubya and his pig rich friends OWN THE PROFITS! They might as well change our country’s name from United States of America, to United Soviet Socialist States of America. How does it feel to live in the USSSA? It sucks!

DAGNABIT! I and others have been screaming FOR DECADES about lemon socialism, which is the privatization of profits into the pockets of the pig rich and the socialization of losses out of the pockets of the REST OF US! This latest corpoRATe welfare program is PROOF POSITIVE that the corpoRATeer pig rich power elite intend to continue and EXPAND THE SCOPE of their commie rip offs! This BAILOUT engineered by those two corpoRATe boardroom pinkos™, comrade chairman paulson and comrade chairman bernanke, is a disaster in and of itself. It will not fix the economic problem long term!

The following is a short list of agenda items that are necessary to ameliorate the big disaster called the US economy:

Aggressive crackdown on corporate crime
and corporate welfare


Adopt a Wall Street securities speculation tax

At this point, this is the only fair way to recoup at least some of the corpoRATe welfare bailouts cost from the corpoRATeer thieves who caused this mess. If you click the above link, you can read other reasons why this is a good idea whose time has come!

Cut the huge, bloated, wasteful military budget

As disgraceful as the zillion dollar cost of the corpoRATe welfare bailout is, those idiots in washingtOOn have been spending EVEN MORE EACH YEAR on the waste fraud and abuse ridden MILITARY BUDGET!

Work to end corporate personhood

corpoRATions are NOT PEOPLE. As it stands, corpoRATions have the SAME CIVIL RIGHTS AS PEOPLE! This is absurd and must be changed!

YOU can read the rest of this agenda for REAL CHANGE by clicking this link

Does comrade chairman wannabe obamessiah and his dirty dem party support this agenda for real change?


Does comrade chairman wannabe reverend mcPain and his filthy repub party support this agenda for REAL CHANGE?


Why is this the first time many of you have seen these sensible agenda items? BECAUSE the corpoRATe controlled media have DONE A TOTAL BLACKOUT OF ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE NOT A DIRTY DEM OR FILTHY REPUB! They are refusing to publish anything that would break the information MONOPOLY held by the ethically challenged syphilitic co-joined twins of the apocalypse called comrade chairman wannabe mcbama.

As comrade chairman wannabe reverend mcPain and comrade chairman wannabe obamessiah continue to shuck, jive, dodge, and flip flop their way though the presidential campaign. As all the ethically challenged card carrying pinko members of the two parties of the apocalypse CONSPIRE OPENLY TO CONSOLIDATE corpoRATe polit bureau power OVER US. The other candidates, non dirty dem and non filthy repub, ARE CENSORED BY THE corpoRATe owned media!

The SCAM that is being run as “the televised presidential debates” is just a CENSORED PROGRAM LENGTH COMMERCIAL FOR THE two parties of the apocalypse and their comrade chairman wannabe clebdidates. IT IS AN UNDEMOCRATIC DISGRACE that only the ethically challenged syphilitic co-joined twins of the apocalypse called comrade chairman wannabe mcbama will be on the stage in these so called “debates.”



The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I fart in the general direction of the washingtOOn polit bureau and it’s comrade chairman and feckless appaRATchiks!

We would also like to give a special word of thanks to those who have been sending emails with the words: SONOFABUSH! ClapSo is RIGHT! and giving a link to this site. I don’t know who started that, but thanks for your support! We are pleased as punch that our little blog has become a rallying point for resistance against the corpoRATeer two parties of the apocalypse and their failed agenda!

We also love that SONOFABUSH! ClapSo is right! has become the catch phrase that is sweeping America! After decades of myself and others SCREAMING ABOUT the disaster that is our corpoRATe controlled government. After DECADES of being laughed at and ridiculed. It is ironic that the corpoRATeers and their two parties of the apocalypse HAVE PROVEN US ANTI-corpoRATe types RIGHT BY THE FAILURES BROUGHT ON BY THE DISASTER THAT IS THE corpoRATeer AGENDA!

HEY, mcPain and nobama:
Open The Debates!

If YOU REALLY wanna know the TRUTH about the debate issue CLICK THIS LINK!

Don’t forget to stop by our satirical sister blog:

The Intergalactic Times


The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on September 22, 2008.

One Response to “wall street banks sell TAXPAYERS the Brooklyn Bridge!”

  1. wow good post I am stillfor wide scale brain mapping sniffing and spoofing.
    If we can migrane them when they act badly based on a database of their claims that were agreed apon in their debates flow chart. Then we might be able to pull on the rains. Take a true survey of the minds of the pulbic. Soon will be the day the microcontroler spoke the hello world of functioning the gears are turning and like a jugernaught the pceeg will create change. Are you ready for it. (I know you are cyber cricket it was a question to the kiddies…) A united mind a hive mind through electronics. the people will be hurd it will be like a noze bleeding ear tearing buzzz!

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