obamessiah’s Honeymoon is OVER! I WANT AN ANNULMENT!

Behold as right wingnuts GUSH at obamessiah’s appointments:

“I am gobsmacked by these appointments, most of which could just as easily
have come from a President McCain … this all but puts an end to the 16-month
timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, the unconditional summits with dictators,
and other foolishness that once emanated from the Obama campaign … [Hillary]
Clinton and [James] Steinberg at State should be powerful voices for
‘neo-liberalism’ which is not so different in many respects from
— Max Boot, neoconservative activist, former McCain staffer —

“Surprising continuity on foreign policy between President Bush’s second
term and the incoming administration … certainly nothing that represents a
drastic change in how Washington does business. The expectation is that Obama is
set to continue the course set by Bush … ”
— Michael Goldfarb of the neoconservative Weekly Standard–

“Superb … the best of the Washington insiders … this will be a
valedictocracy — rule by those who graduate first in their high school
— David Brooks, conservative New York Times columnist —

Well Cricketeers, I gotta laugh, even though I should cry. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the right wingnuts LOVE what obamessiah is doing. He is simply doing what he has been doing in the senate and will now continue to do as prez. DAGNABIT! What really makes me laugh though is how surprised so many of the wags in the liberal mainstream seem to be. I can’t believe they weren’t listening to obamessiah. All I can say is they fell into their BELIEF that the new prez was really of the left. THE TRUTH IS HE IS A RIGHT OF CENTER TECHNOCRAT!

SONOFABUSH! What he is doing is exactly what I expected him to do. WE ARE SCREWED!

Your asshole in washingtOOn

Your asshole in washingtOOn

I might as well warn about obamessiah’s supporters. There are two basic kinds of folks that voted for him. Those who knew he was gonna suck as prez, but couldn’t stand the thought of mcPain as prez. The second group is even worse. Those that voted for the star, the celebdidate. The fantasy leader. Anyone who voted for obamessiah for the above reasons are getting what you deserve. If there are REALLY any voters who pulled the lever for obamessiah because they REALLY believed he would bring “change”, YOU POOR FOOLS, I PITY YOU MOST OF ALL!

It’s time to start talking about the 2010 election. If YOU want an end to this war and a reduction in military spending, it’s time to understand that YOU are not gonna get it from the filthy repubs OR the dirty dems.

If YOU want a sane economy without corpoRATe welfare bailouts, YOU have to support third party and independent candidates in 2010. If the dirty dems don’t start paying a price for failing us, we will continue to be screwed by them!

The big fight is over. WE LOST! I have pouted long enough. It’s back to the salt mines! Lets start with a demand I seem to be the only one screaming:


HOW ABOUT IT? Ya think YOU can take part in demanding JUSTICE for the corpoRATe criminals who CRASHED THE WORLD ECONOMY?

The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I REALLY WANNA SEE corpoRATeer PERP WALKS! How ’bout YOU?

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on December 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “obamessiah’s Honeymoon is OVER! I WANT AN ANNULMENT!”

  1. Clapso, I’m with you on the corporate perp walks however they will more than likely be fly-overs rather than walks. The greatest corporate perp of them all perfected the fly-over thousands of feet above New Orleans.

    As far as Obama, we will see – but i must admit, the naming of Hillary gave me pause and cause for distrust.


  2. ‘Make Them Accountable’ has a woman so convinced Obama is bad news she’s scary.
    That’s going some for me – as the deprecated word from outside politically correct circles is that he’s just a smoother/smarter actor.
    Since I’m thinking Aryan Nation and their ilk are never far off , rumoured family connection may just be why a coloured man wouldn’t set off the lunatic fringe in all their ugly rage, ready to punish ‘presumption.’
    Of course, Hillary already marked him as suspected to become a sacrifice during the campaign : as if anybody really needed to punch that button.
    Larry Niven said it best for me, as TANJ was not a cultural thing that I recall – though I missed out on a lot of ‘education’ about the way some look at the world. ‘There Ain’t No Justice’
    I rubbed elbows enough with the privileged to seriously consider ideas the game is rigged and people constantly programmed. I keep finding new items to put in my Overton Window files. Len Hart at the Existentialist Cowboy – you think you’re outspoken – just keeps lining up stuff that should scare the hell out of people worse than Bush : and that’s going some !

  3. ClapSo,

    This is after very long time come back to blog and try to check all you guys. Barack Obama cabinet appointments does not reflect the change he promised during campaign. He is just another politician.

    Merry Christmas to you and family, Very Happy prosperous New Year!!!

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