zoo york gov paterson drops the gillibrand ball on his own foot…

Well Cricketeers, I have been waiting to see what the gov and zoo york state dirty dems are up to. I will tell you now as I have in past, THEY ARE UP TO NO GOOD! This appointment by paterson of a whore for the national rifle ASSociaton, kirsten gillibrand (pronounced JILL-ih-brand) as zoo york senator IS COMPLETELY UNSATISFACTORY! Much has been made of the claim that the gov picked her because he believes she will help him gain votes from upstate conservative voters.

It begs the question, who does the gov have to help him get votes from the far larger number of progressive voters in this state. The conservatives are a dying breed. They have had their chance to govern and failed. I’m sick of the dirty dems playing to the dead and dying right wing. THEY ARE OUT YOU DAMN FOOLS! If the dirty dems continue to play to the right, they will give the filthy repubs an opening to gain offices in coming elections. The best way to continue to beat the repubs is to realize that the right wing agenda has failed and move away from it as swiftly and boldly as possible! This FANTASY that the american electorate is right leaning is not proven out by issue polls. It’s time to flush the piss poor right wing agenda down the toilet where it belongs.

Job one is dumping these blew dog idiots. They are worse then filthy repubs, they are filthy repubs in sheep’s clothing. The blew dogs gained their seats at a transition point in our countries politics. That transition is now gaining steam, and the right wingnuts are in complete disarray. There is no need whatever to play to their tired and failed agenda anymore. Dump em now, before they breed! The time has come for our government to move away from the crazy guns spending we have been seeing for decades, and toward massive government spending on BUTTER! End the war and beat our swords into plowshares! A permanent war economy is a failed economy! NOW is the time to move to peace bread production and a higher standard of living. CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET IN HALF and spend the money saved on building the new, non violent economy our country needs.

Sorry gov, making us suffer through two years of a blew dog as our senator is not a smart way to get us to vote for you in 2010. I doubt your appointed senator nra barbie has the votes to get reelected in the 2010 election either. She was just fine for the 20th congressional district. That’s the land of the shotgun toting, nascar driving jesus after all. But she doesn’t have a prayer in a statewide race. There are 1000 other dems who can beat her with little effort, and a number of them will be running in the primary.

That goes for the rest of the blew dogs too. The wishy washy right of center agenda they spew will never get them elected in statewide races. They are all doomed to being big fish in small congressional district ponds. If those blew dog idiots in washingtOOn make too much paygo noise in the next couple of years, I bet a bunch of them will lose their congressional seats come 2010. It does them no good to apply paygo to social spending bills, while never applying it to bloated pork barrel military spending bills. Lots of people are on to that bullshit! We are fucking tired of guns, guns, guns here in the us of a! WE WANT BUTTER, BUTTER, BUTTER! You idiot dems better be running a dairy, not a bullet factory or there damn well will be HELL TO PAY come 2010! paygo my ass!

One other thing, who the hell are the dems gonna run in the special election to fill the 20th district seat nra barbie is vacating? The gov may have given the repubs back that seat on a silver platter!

senator nra barbie

senator nra barbie

Take note that senator nra barbie is very much in bed with the ethically challenged klinton klan of the dirty dem party. These fools have proven themselves to be unable to govern in past. Much of the economic disaster our country is facing was caused by the neolib, right of center agenda of slick willy and his co-president hillary dillary doo. ap has reported just how in bed nra barbie is with the klinton klan :

“After Gillibrand worked in New York City for a white-shoe law firm with long ties to the Democratic Party, Clinton introduced her to deep-pocketed donors and vouched for her as a candidate.”

The corpoRATe law firm for whom she worked is boies, schiller & flexner llp. Its clientele includes American Express, Aetna, Ernst & Young, FEMSA Cerveza, FPL Group, GeorgiaPacific, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Guardsmark, Northwest Airlines, Philip Morris, Qwest Communications International, Siemens, and Zurich Capital Markets Inc..

Yep, our new senator is a dirty dem blew dog klinton klan corpoRATeer!

Fluffy, the blew dog dirty dem poodle

Fluffy, the blew dog dirty dem poodle

We at ClapSotronics have come to spay or neuter the dirty dem blew dog feckless appaRATchiks, not to praise them!

SONOFABUSH! senator nra barbie’s daddy is doug rutnik, a longtime lobbyist in albany with powerful filthy repub connections. He is a long time butt buddy of former zoo york gov mr. pataki head, and is clearly in bed with the former majority leader of the zoo york senate filthy repub jo jo “knuckles” bruno, a long time labushanostra ASSociate. The Village Voice reported:

Barrett: Did Paterson Consider the Bruno Connection to Gillibrand’s Dad?

By Wayne Barrett, January 23, 2009

A remarkably untimely cloud hangs over Governor David Paterson’s apparent selection of Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton as junior senator of New York.

Federal prosecutors, according to numerous news accounts, are poised to indict former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and no one knows if that possible indictment will contain allegations about a real estate deal that involved Bruno and Gillibrand’s father, Albany lobbyist and power broker Doug Rutnik.

What we do know is that prosecutors subpoenaed all the records of this complex transaction which, at the very least, raise stark ethical questions about Rutnik’s awkward business relationship with a powerful public official he lobbied. No one familiar with Gillibrand’s rapid political ascent would question the pivotal role that Rutnik has played in it, milking his wide-ranging political connections for his daughter.

ap has also dropped the other shoe on the jo jo “knuckles” bruno  case:

Former NY Senate leader Joseph Bruno indicted

By MICHAEL HILL – Jan. 23, 2009

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Joseph Bruno, the former majority leader of the New York Senate and for a time the most powerful Republican in state politics, was indicted Friday on federal corruption charges.

Bruno, who retired from the Legislature in July after more than a dozen years leading the Senate, is accused of using his position to steer contracts and grants to businesses that paid him a total of $3.2 million in consulting fees or other compensation from 1993 through 2006, and then covering his tracks.

Prosecutors said in one instance, Bruno solicited officials from several labor unions with interests before state government to hire an investment firm that paid him $1.3 million over a 12-year period.

Whether or not her daddy is netted in knuckles crimes matters not, senator nra barbie’s right wingnut credentials are clear. She serves the soylent green made from charlton hestons body for dinner!

soylent green made from charlton hestons body

soylent green made from charlton hestons body

Last but not least, that schmuck, the other klinton klan bad senator from the great state of zoo york schumer, thinks nra barbie is the greatest thing since hillary dillary doo and obamessiah has given  nra barbie the labamanostra kiss of death endorsement. Lets face it Cricketeers. We are simply not gonna get what we need from the dirty dems:


BECAUSE the dirty dems ARE the corpoRATe thieves!

That goes double for the filthy repubs!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I are beside ourselves with anger and suffering since we now continue to have two bad senators here in the great state of zoo york.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on January 26, 2009.

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