A Tale of Two cities, ***special bonus*** roverat Finally Gets a Subpoena…

Well Cricketeers, as jaded, cynical, and generally pissed off as I usually am. Some days I just can’t take what fucking well goes on. TODAY is one of those days when I hate the fact that I’m completely committed to non-violence. What has me up in arms? First this DISGRACE reported by ap:

Michigan man, 93, froze to death indoors

BAY CITY, Michigan (AP) — A 93-year-old man froze to death inside his home, an autopsy has determined, just days after the city limited his flow of electricity for not paying his bills.

Marvin E. Schur died “a slow, painful death,” said Kanu Virani, Oakland County’s deputy chief medical examiner, who performed Schur’s autopsy. Neighbors discovered Schur’s body on Jan. 17. The indoor temperature was below 32 degrees at the time, the neighbors told The Bay City Times for a story Monday. Schur had no children, and his wife passed away several years ago. The man had almost $1,100 in unpaid electric bills, said neighbor George Pauwels Jr., who discovered Schur’s body.

The utility installed a “limiter” device outside Schur’s home on Jan. 13, said Bay City Manager Robert Belleman. The device limits electricity flow to the home and blows out like a fuse if more than allowed is drained. Belleman said he doesn’t know if anyone talked to Schur to explain how to reset the device to restore power.

SONOFABUSH! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! The dirty bastards turned off this poor mans heating system (by denying him electricity) IN THE MIDDLE OF A KILLER COLD SNAP? WTF? This idiot bay city manager robert belleman was also quoted as saying that the utility “did nothing illegal.” YOUR ASS YOU DIDN’T bobby, HOW ABOUT DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE AND MANSLAUGHTER TO START WITH!? The entire management team at that utility should be tied to trees tonight, and anyone who takes part should be able to use the “we didn’t do anything illegal” defense too…

What really killed me was the very next story I read today was this from reuters:

Citigroup to buy $50M private jet: report

Despite recent financial troubles, the bank is going through with the purchase to avoid a multimillion-dollar fee.

NEW YORK (Reuters) — Citigroup Inc, which has received $45 billion of capital from the government, is going through with plans to buy a $50 million corporate jet, a person familiar with the matter said.

DAGNABIT! LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. A 93 year old man is made to freeze to death for lack of a few hundred dollars to pay his power bill, and the corpoRATeer power elite at shittygroup is buying a $50 million dollar jet so those executive THIEVES can fly around in style? This is too fucking much! TOO MUCH! Let me tell ya what should happen here.

One of the  feckless appaRATchiks in obamessiah’s valedictocracy should get on the horn with those pricks over at shittygroup and tell em that not only are they not gonna buy the new plane, the “multimillion-dollar fee” is gonna be paid out of the PERSONAL ACCOUNTS of the ethically challenged corpoRATeer executives over at the shithouse built by the klinton klan member little bobby rubin. That sleazy idiot rubin should kick in some of the fee himself since he made himself a zillionaire over at shittygroup after being the laclintonostra treasury secretary! In case little bobby hasn’t heard, labamanostra is all about “change” and “responsibility.” I say lets make a big “change” and hold the thieving pig corpoRATeer executives be “responsible.” This is why I keep saying we need:


There was some good news late in the day however, that put a bit of spring back in my step. File this under better very late then never! This from ap:

House Judiciary chairman subpoenas Karl Rove

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed former White House adviser Karl Rove to testify about the Bush administration’s firing of U.S. attorneys.

The subpoena Monday by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers continues a long-running legal battle. Rove previously refused to appear before the panel, contending that former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress.

Rove was asked to appear for a deposition on Feb. 2. Conyers also wants him to testify on whether politics played a role in the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, a Democrat. Rove’s former boss, ex-President George W. Bush, upheld Rove’s legal position but it has been rejected by a federal judge.

BRING ON THE HANGING JUDGE! We oughta get one made man from labushanostra on SOMETHING!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope a whole flock of birds fly into the shittygroup’s new plane shutting down the engines while the entire shittygroup executive team is on board! CRASH AND BURN YOU SLEAZY PIGS! THE WAY YOU CRASHED AND BURNED THE WORLD ECONOMY! That goes double for roverat!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on January 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Tale of Two cities, ***special bonus*** roverat Finally Gets a Subpoena…”

  1. hay interesting posts time for lie detectors people fear them. Why because their too wrapped up in their lies and dilusions to admit to what they do or what is making them tick.

  2. That poor man! No wonder you were so angry! The ruling elite of this world are sick and depraved. Are we really so helpless against them?

    Now if ClapSo was President . . . .

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