The endless and useless “stimulus debate” drags on…


Dow Jones Industrial Average
Index Value: 8,000.86
Trade Time: 4:05PM Jan. 30, 2009
Change: Down 148.15 (1.82%)
Prev Close: 8,149.01
Open: 8,149.01
Day’s Range: 7,961.92 – 8,195.76
52wk Range: 7,392.27 – 13,191.50


Well Cricketeers, in order to con YOU that the feckless appaRATchiks in washingtOOn are “divided” and “don’t agree” on the so called “economic stimulus package” the dirty dems and filthy repubs sent out their usual suspects to the Sunday morning TV chat shows. It was the usual drab and dreary “tax cuts vs. spending” bullshit until Congressman Barney Frank (MA-04) appearing on abc’s george squared tried to add some REAL economic debate to the blather.

Surrounded by three corpoRATe ceos, the two georges and some idiot filthy repub (who I believe is the powder boy for that texass bimbo kay baily what’s her face) Barney tried (much thanks Barney) to mention the OUTRAGEOUS pork barrel military spending that has been going on. Barney was told in no uncertain terms that military spending was “another show”. I’ve been waiting for george squared, or any other corpoRATe media outlet to have that show for too damn long! The pork barrel military budget is an important economic issue. In order to fix what’s ailing the u s of a, the guns or butter debate MUST BE ENJOINED!

While I would expect george won’t to censor such things, I had hoped the klinton klan censorship kool aid™ would have worn off the other george since he is now the “anchorman” and all important and all. Shame on all involved for continuing to stifle debate!

Censor george won't will be throwing a weekly book burning in washingtOOn next

right wingnut censor george won't, will be throwing a weekly book burning in washingtOOn

SONOFABUSH! If obamessiah and labamanostra want to really give “hope” and provide “change” labamanostra need take “responsibility” for the pork barrel military budget the dirty dems have been passing while in cahoots with their filthy repub militarist co-conspirators! Hey, where the hell are the ethically challenged dirty dem blew dogs and their “paygo” huh? This “paygo” bullshit flies right out the window when it comes to cutting military spending don’t it?

It’s time to bring our troops HOME, all of them! That goes for the troops stationed in korea. That goes for the troops stationed in iraq. THAT GOES FOR THE TROOPS STATIONED IN europe. THAT GOES FOR THE TROOPS STATIONED IN afghanistan. TIME TO BRING ALL OUR YOUNG PEOPLE IN UNIFORM HOME!

DAGNABIT! Ya wanna provide “change” obamessiah? RECALL ALL OUR YOUNG PEOPLE IN UNIFORM BACK BEHIND OUR OWN BORDERS! That would be change! That would give hope! That would be the responsible thing to do! THAT WOULD SAVE ZILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND WHO KNOWS HOW MANY LIVES!

Hey. obamessiah! If you increase the number of us troops in afghanistan, I predict it will turn into your vietnam! Ya wanna end up like that texass dolt lbj kid? Ya wanna be the next failed president in a long line? Declare victory and hand over all responsibility to the mayor of kabul. You know g’dubya’s buddy, the guy with the cool hat. PULL OUT NOW WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Don’t whine later that no one told ya! I JUST DID. End of prediction.

I know I’m wasting my breath with this. If you had seen how the corpoRATe guests and corpoRATe so called “journalists” on george squared reacted to Barney simply mentioning military spending, you would understand just how deep set the belief that military spending is non debatable. Among the corpoRATe power elite military spending is theother idol they worship, along with the almighty buck! These feckless appaRATchiks and corpoRATeers will cut school lunch budgets and ANYTHING ELSE before they’ll take one thin dime from their beloved military industrial complex pork barrel!

Although it’s very much true that the thieving corpoRATe management crashed to world economy with their greedy gambling and the feckless appaRATchiks in washingtOOn enabled their filthy scams with deregulation. But the overall failure of the economy was caused by out of control military spending. The economic lead weight that is the pork barrel military budget must be cut. It has been dragging us down since after WWII it’s time to declare PEACE!

I have gotten a couple of  emails questioning what criminal prosecution of the corpoRATe thieves will accomplish. First, it will put the crooks in jail where they deserve to be. Second, I would like to see federal RICO statue prosecutions, then they can take away even the stuff the corpoRATe crooks did,’t steal (if any) and render then penniless. Third, as convicted felons, the corpoRATeers will be unable to ASSociate with each other and this will mitigate any further future conspiracies by them. Really, they did the crime, time for them to do the jail time. We at ClapSotronics continue to call for:



The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I would like to thank Sam and Cokie for their kind words on last weeks show. The george squared show is limp and lifeless without you two…

To the george won’t whine about my spelling, I have a spellchecker you empty suit! When I seemingly misspell things, I do so on purpose.  Don’t worry though, I understand that you are unable to argue any point without your spiritual master rushie giving you the right wingnut talking points in advance.  The only thing you are competent at is spelling and so that’s why you chose to try to correct mine. Be a nice little spud and get yourself a gig calling the play by play for a single A team will ya bud? You are an embarrassment to even the corpoRATe media…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on February 2, 2009.

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