Hey, right wingnuts! military industrial complex = big gov pork barrel!


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Well Cricketeers, as we have been reporting here for years now. The piggiest of big government pork barrels in washingtOOn is the military pork barrel!  This from ap:

Commission gets grim report on wartime spending

By RICHARD LARDNER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – A new commission examining waste and corruption in wartime contracts is getting a grim report from government watchdogs who say poor planning, weak oversight and greed combined to soak U.S. taxpayers and undermine American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is also this from the washingtOOn post:

Iraq Auditor Warns of Waste, Fraud In Afghanistan

By Karen DeYoung and Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, February 2, 2009; Page A06

After five years of investigations and 250,000 pages of audits, Stuart W. Bowen Jr. wishes he could say that the $50 billion cost of the U.S. reconstruction effort in Iraq was money accounted for and well spent.

“But that’s just not happened,” Bowen said.

Instead, the largest single-country relief and reconstruction project in U.S. history — most of it done by private U.S. contractors — was full of wasted funds, fraud and a lack of accountability under what Bowen, the congressionally mandated special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, calls an “ad hoc-racy” of lax or nonexistent government planning and supervision.

And despite the Iraq experience, he said, the United States is making many of the same mistakes again in Afghanistan, where U.S. reconstruction expenditures stand at more than $30 billion and counting.

DAGNABIT! While our young people in uniform were sent into combat in unarmored hummers and without adequate body armor. The feckless appaRATchiks in washingtOOn WASTED  billions on all kinds of failed programs and scams in iraq. What a disgrace! There is simply only one way to fix the big gov pentagon pork barrel: CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET BY 50%! Then those feckless appaRATchiks with scrambled eggs on their covers and stars on their shoulders will have to learn to live on a reasonable budget! They need be put on an allowance! These idiot generals are as bad as their corpoRATe kin, the thieving bankers! MONEY IS NO OBJECT FOR THEM! This must change, and RIGHT NOW!

If labamanostra doesn’t hold the powder pidgin generals “responsible” for the ongoing military RIPOFF of the taxpayers, obamessiah has no right to claim he stands for”change”. Dirty thieving business as usual at the pentagon is not acceptable!

On a somewhat related note, this from cnnpolitics:

McConnell says GOP trying to ‘reform’ bill, not block it

(CNN) — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday dismissed the idea that Republicans are trying to block passage of a massive economic stimulus plan.

“Nobody that I know of is trying to keep a package from passing,” the Kentucky senator said at a news conference Monday. “We’re trying to reform it.”

SONOFABUSH! Let’s throw mitch in a ditch! Where does he get off claiming his filthy repub party has any right to use the word “reform”? This ethically challenged idiot mitch, and the rest of the membership of the two parties of the apocalypse in washingtOOn went right along with the waste, fraud, and abuse perpetrated by labushanostra (of which mitch is a made man!) HOW DARE HE use the word “reform” in such reference? Ya wanna be a reformer mitch? Take a look at the pentagon and it’s bloated pork barrel budget! That’s where the reform need take place!

To the klinton klan kool aid drinkers and other labamanostra true believers. How exactly does the following provide us with “hope” and “change”? This also from cnnpolitics:

Gates to brief Obama on shifting troops to Afghanistan

By Barbara Starr
CNN Pentagon Correspondent

(CNN) — Defense Secretary Robert Gates will brief President Obama on Monday afternoon about specific plans for adding 15,000 troops to Afghanistan.

This is the first step in making afghanistan obamessiah’s vietnam! sweet talkin’ slim is turning into that texass idiot lbj, right before our eyes! Behold as 15,000 additional troops lead to further increases down the road. Watch as the tribal areas of pakistan are pilotless drone bombed and become the new cambodia (shades of tricky dick nixon there)! Can the khmer rouge be far behind? The bush crime family are war criminals! With this escalation in afghanistan, the obamessiah crime family make of themselves war criminals too! You labamanostra idiots will hold all “responsibility” for these latest war crimes! HOW MUCH MORE SUFFERING DO THE POOR PEOPLE OF THIS WAR TORN REGION NEED ENDURE DUE TO FAILED us FOREIGN POLICY? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

In another somewhat related story involving mugsy mcPain, this one from ap:

McCain drops objection to Lynn appointment

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John McCain, the Senate Armed Services Committee’s top Republican, has dropped his objection to the appointment of William Lynn, a former Raytheon lobbyist, to the No. 2 job at the Pentagon.

McCain’s decision removes a major roadblock for Lynn’s appointment, which violates President Barack Obama’s own rule against hiring lobbyists to staff the federal government.

Way to show “change” and “responsibility” huh?

Although we know we are wasting our breath, we continue to call for:


THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR THE bought and prayed for republicRAT spin doctors!


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope those who voted obamessiah into office are feeling guilty as sin about now!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on February 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hey, right wingnuts! military industrial complex = big gov pork barrel!”

  1. The arduino open source EEG design for corperate brain scanning and cybernetics will be done soon the logic analiser is almost all setup I ran out of wire. But the high powered texus instraments engineers will decript the manual on the sensor the rest is electrical piping…..
    Robot arms for the war factory will be scalled down to a quick to build scalable model and create circuit boards.

  2. Whether or not the average US Citizen knows it, the United States is creating the second-largest government/industrial complex in our nation’s history. It is envisioned as a cocktail of bailouts to the financial industry, the automotive industry and others who show up with their hands out and their lobbyists in tow. It is also comprised of state governors who are poised to invent yet another form of pork with federal representatives and senators at their sides while raising local taxes for the citizen back home. This speculative panacea cannot survive.


    The longest running and largest consortium of this type is the US Military Industrial Complex (MIC), funded each year at an amount many times the Wall Street and automotive bailouts combined. It is the elephant in the room in the burgeoning financial crisis, carrying the weight of wars, weapons systems and a pentagon/corporate financial relationship based on cost plus and time and material contracts since World War II:



    We are importing goods and services and borrowing money from the Chinese, the European Union, Japan, Korea, India and other developing countries at a rate unmatched in our history. Loan proceeds are being used to fight wars and bail out our bankers, carmakers and state governors.

    Our largest export today is our public debt and our credit rating is slipping.


    What shall the prospective, second-largest government/industrial complex be called, “The Department of Wishful Thinking”? It is being financed with money borrowed from entities future generations will owe as the US kicks the financing can down the road like it has for the last 60 years.

    No doubt Washington will attempt to regulate the outlay, put in auditors and control mechanisms like the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Cost Accounting Standards that evolved over the years on a reactive basis dealing with the white elephant scandals in the Military Industrial Complex. But somehow those controls have never been able to stop the mammoth waste, fraud and abuse that occur in the MIC.

    Big money attracts greedy people, not only in the MIC but also on Wall Street and in the corporate boardroom. It also buys influence and crooks in government.


    The natural order of economics is still out there. Washington’s money-and-power-influenced, artificial reality cannot survive what historically has been the rise and fall of booms and busts in the last 100 years. Economics is now on steroids through high technology, the Internet, mass communications and frauds that cross national borders like cobwebs.

    The MIC will be scaled down by collapse. The Russian MIC led to that country’s financial demise. It is now apparent that we did not outspend the Russians at weaponry and interventions. We simply had a better credit rating that is now maxed out

    The other government agencies will be re-scaled and downsized as well but not by any specific action taken by the pending or future federal establishment. The over 50 entities that make up the federal government, together with their corporate outsource services, will be shrunk dramatically because the US is broke. The feds will fight to preserve the artificial reality, but US financing and credibility on the world stage are drying up and the creditors are suffering.

    No new administration can change the above facts by riding on the taxpayer’s back with “Social Improvement”, ” Public Works” and “Creating Democracies in Other Countries” mantras. Such policies in the past have led to foreign interventions, thousands of young soldier’s deaths, bureaucratic growth in Washington and bloated corporations performing low quality service contacts.

    Annual budget deficits and the national debt are at intolerable levels.


    The US will come home from military adventures abroad because it will no longer have the money to run them and it will cease bailing out failing commercial establishments because there will be no funding for that.

    The US will re-align priorities at the state and the national level much like all the little “Joe the Plumbers” throughout the country, who are toting skinny 401K’s without jobs. They represent the present and future tax base upon which this country will run. America will not spend its way out of this dilemma because there will be no cash or credit left to spend.

    The US will demonstrate financial prudence out of necessity, align spending with available revenue, downsize the federal government and its corporate cadre, cultivate technology and the small business base and take care of its most important constituent here at home – the average tax payer.

    The US will understand the above are not political objectives but economic realities that are here and now. World economics will not allow a new, financial, government/industrial complex to emulate or replace the MIC.

  3. You left wing socialists should lay down the dope and takin a bath now then wouldnt hurt either.

    • OOOoooo, a right wingnut troll. How wonderful! I though low grade idiots like mark were extinct! Speaking of dope mark sweetie, go listen to your fearless leader that drug addict rushie blimpbaugh. He tells you what lies you want to hear. It sucks to be you now that your prez g’dubya has proven the right wing agenda to be a complete failure!

      As far as taking a bath. That’s what has happened to many of you right wing true believers. The failed right wing agenda has led you to taking a bath on all your investments. How is your 401K doing mark, and is your mortgage underwater?

      Try to comment with some fact connected to what you are saying mark. These cheap little whines about dope and bath will always be easily fired right back at you.

      The scientifically impossible I do right away
      The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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