The resale of wholesale slaughter! obamessiah’s “new and improved” WAR? NO SALE HERE!

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well Cricketeers, there are those among YOU who believe that the war is over. That labamanostra is gonna end it. Sorry to piss in your klinton klan kool aid kids, but it just ain’t so! Here’s the latest sweet talkin’ slim FLIP FLIP. His claim that he would end the war was just more of obamessiah’s loose change poetics! This from ap:

Obama weighing 23-month Iraq withdrawal option

By ROBERT BURNS, Associated Press Writer
Feb. 6, 2009

WASHINGTON – The White House is considering at least two troop withdrawal options as it weighs a new Iraq strategy — one that would preserve President Barack Obama‘s campaign pledge to get all combat brigades out within 16 months and a second that would stretch it to 23 months, two officials said Friday.

A third, in-between option of 19 months is also being weighed, according to the officials, neither of whom would discuss the sensitive topic without being granted anonymity. One of the officials said the main focus appears to be on the 16-month and 23-month options; 23 months would run to the end of 2010.

SONOFABUSH! Flippity Floppity! First, it looks like the 16 month withdrawal date we heard during his presidential campaign has flown right out the window. YOU will be hearing about the qualification involving “advice of commanders on the ground” he used during the campaign to hedge his bets. This will be the excuse for the flip flop. It has been reported that “commanders on the ground” want to keep our young people in uniform in iraq until 2015! No matter that the iraqi government struck a deal with the labushanostra devil for us withdrawal by 2011!

Second, you’ll notice obamessiah’s other qualification “combat brigades” in red in the clip above. This allows labamanostra to leave most of our young people in uniform in iraq, and all of the couple hundred thousand corpoRATe mercenaries too! Simply by claiming they are not in “combat brigades.”

Third, labamanostra is going to DOUBLE the number of troops in afghanistan! This as the cambodia style war crime of bombing the tribal areas of pakistan continues under sweet talkin’ slim’s “change and and responsibility (NOT!)” admin! Hey obamessiah! You are NOT going to get away with WHINING about how that war criminal g’dubya left you with the disaster of a war AND continue said war! There is no way you’re gonna escalate it at the same time! That bullshit ain’t gonna go here in the u s of a. Pull out now, and I mean ALL our young people in uniform AND ALL the corpoRATe mercenaries! You will pay dearly for your war crimes if you don’t! We citizens of planet earth have had enough of you power elite’s and your murder sprees!

Where are the ethically challenged blew dog dems and their “paygo?” If ya wanna apply “paygo” to your “economic stimulus bill” I suggest you DEMAND CUTS to the bloated military budget. CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET BY 50% and end the disaster of a war to save additional hundreds of billions a year! That would be “paygo” even we at ClapSotronics would support.

If you blew dogs wanna get it from the government income side, repeal the bush crime family’s tax cut give away to the pig rich corpoRATeers. That’s another obamessiah campaign promise he flip flopped on! Not only repeal the labushanostra tax cut, but increase taxes on everyone with personal incomes over a million dollars a year! Time to take back some of the money the thieving pig rich corpoRATeers stole!

Before little georgie won’t or any of the other apologists for the corpoRATe thieves starts that whine about how taxing those with personal incomes of one million dollars will hurt “small business”, BULLSHIT!  If they can make (what few there are, if any) over a mill per year in personal income from their business, they ain’t small! Hey, you can even do both and put the federal budget in the black overnight! That works for ME! Cut the pork barrel military budget AND tax the thieving pig corpoRATeers!


If YOU think the dirty dem feckless appaRATchiks in the house and senate are gonna push to end the war, forget it! They passed the largest pentagon budget in history this year, and it didn’t even include funding for the war! DON’T BE SURPRISED WHEN the dirty dems ATTACH WAR FUNDING TO THE “ECONOMIC STIMULUS” BILL IN ORDER TO GIVE COVER TO their filthy repub co-conspiritors now playing the political charade that they are against the so-called “economic stimulus” bill.

This is all just a big smokescreen to keep YOU focusing on the two parties of the apocalypse claim that they are in some way different from each other. THERE IS NO REAL DIFFERENCE IN IMPORTANT POLICY! The filthy repubs started this disaster of a war with the blessing of the dirty dems,  and now the dirty dems will CONTINUE THIS DISASTER OF A WAR with the blessing of the filthy repubs! All this “stimulus bill” razzle dazzle is designed to sucker you into believing there is policy debate in washingtOOn, when the two parties of the apocalypse have the prowar plan in place already.

The out of control pork barrel military industrial complex spending = the ECONOMIC DISASTER! WE as a nation can no longer allow the feckless appaRATchiks to feel entitled to waste our tax dollars on the disaster that is the pentagon pork barrel! It’s time to break the pig rich corpoRATeer culture of dependence on pork barrel military spending and other LEMON SOCIALIST corpoRATe welfare. It’s time to put that corpoRATe welfare mother, the pentagon, and the rest of the militarist corpoRATeer welfare mothers on tanf. Come on klinton klan, where’s your corpoRATe welfare reform?

Methinks it’s no coincidence that former walmart board member hillary dillary doo and her co-president slick willy destroyed the social safety net and replaced it with the wal-fare system which uses government subsidy to prop up piss poor low wage “employers” like walmart, and at the same time uses the punitive measures of tanf to force poor people into slave labor “jobs” at shitholes like walmart. WORK OR STARVE IN HOMELESSNESS is the klinton klan “welfare reform” credo. It’s low wage slavery, pure and simple. The klinton klan has made many of us corpoRATe exploited sharecroppers…

The feckless klinton klan were more then happy to spend huge amounts on war when they last controled the oval office. They ain’t gonna cut the bloated pentagon budget this time either! The power elite can’t afford to bring military spending under contrl. Once we cut the military waste fraud and abuse filled budget, we would be able spend the money saved on peace bread! Once YOU learn that we can live in peace and plenty with our fellow citizens of planet earth, the power elite will lose the fear they use to stay in control! They can’t live with that!

NOW IS THE TIME TO ENJOIN THE GUNS OR BUTTER DEBATE! While the scumbag corpoRATeers have been outed as the thieving failures they are! We at ClapSotronics say BUTTER, BUTTER AND MORE BUTTER!

As to the corpoRATeers, give em bread and water:


Time to put the military industrial complex corpoRATe boardroom pinkos™ behind bars!

The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I hope YOU aren’t falling for the latest circus (sans bread) the corpoRATe media is feeding you via this “stimulus bill debate” for if you fall under the spell of this bullshit, we will not see “change” from obamessiah…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on February 10, 2009.

One Response to “The resale of wholesale slaughter! obamessiah’s “new and improved” WAR? NO SALE HERE!”

  1. Very nice post. BTW the vein in your forhead is throbbing a bit time to calm a bit even thow your readers and me love the rants. 🙂
    Nice work can the kiddies have a flowchart?

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