Of greenwashers, zoo york city bashers, and blew dog empty suits


Dow Jones Industrial Average

Index Value: 7,062.93
Trade Time: 4:03 Feb. 27, 2009
Change: Down 119.15 (1.66%)
Prev Close: 7,182.08
Open: 7,180.97
Day’s Range: 7,033.62 – 7,195.46
52wk Range: 7,077.35 – 13,191.50


obamessiah’s three biggest lies:
  1. hope
  2. change
  3. responsibility

Here’s a suggestion for real hope, change and responsibility:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well Cricketeers, the permanent and ongoing electioneering of incumbent local elected officials is a reality that few would be willing to either admit or deny. Every once in a while some specific self serving rhetoric by one of my local elected officials gets stuck in my craw, and I must do what I can to toss it right back at em.

Fluffy, the blew dog dirty dem poodle

Fluffy, the blew dog dirty dem poodle

SONOFABUSH! My local blew dog employee who has been sitting his dirty dem empty suit in zoo york’s 24th congressional seat in washingtOOn has been a constant source of such self serving career enhancement bullshit, and therefore he gives me all the ammo I need to fire back. His incredible ability to triangulate self serving issues into salable con jobs of local voters outperforms even the rest of the neolib klinton klan hillbillies to which he is aligned. Here is the latest example of such a self serving triangulation, it is only one of many I can cite. This from uticaod.com:

ECR International hopes for tax credits for freewatt


Posted Feb 27, 2009

UTICA – Local officials are hoping a new product at ECR International in Utica will allow the company to avoid feeling the worst of the economic recession.

On Friday, U.S. Rep. Michael Arcuri, D-Utica toured the ECR facility on Dwyer Avenue in Utica to hear about freewatt, a home-heating system designed to replace furnaces or boilers. The system produces heat and also generates enough electricity to cover about half of the power needs in a family’s house, ECR President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Paparone said.

You can read the rest of the article excerpted above by clicking here.

DAGNABIT! While it can be expected that a local elected official will be involved in “talking up” a product produced in part in the district they serve. How our local blew dog chose to frame it is what’s telling and damning to him. First some background for those who don’t live here in central zoo york:

  • The failed local political employees perfectly personified by this empty suit sitting in the 24th congressional seat have used this tired old “blame zoo york city first” for all upstate problems excuse for DECADES! The failure of our local political employees to adequately address real pressing needs in our upstate communities, and yet still get themselves reelected is one of the reasons why we suffer from a complete lack of effective political employees up here! If we keep rehiring these idiots again and again, they will just continue to bullshit their way through, as they always have. We need fire these dirty dem and filthy repub dogs (blew and otherwise)!

How the 24th con. dist. empty suit used the well worn excuse can be read at the end of the observer disgrace (ClapSo and the Telepathic Crickets are NOT fans of the local fish wrap!) article I excepted above. Here is the 24th con. dist. empty suit quote:

“So if we could sell a lot of these in New York City, they wouldn’t need to come up here and take our power,”

This is a perfect example of the type of triangulation the failed political leadership up here uses to con the local electorate. I will now use the power of ClapSo’s industrial strength deconstruction™ to shred this idiocy:

  1. The truth is that zoo york city is a NET EXPORTER of state and federal TAX DOLLARS. The entire upstate region is a NET IMPORTER of state and federal TAX DOLLARS. That includes the 24th con. dist! It is simply the TRUTH that rust belt areas such as the 24th con. dist. have been SUBSIDIZED by tax dollars from places like zoo york city FOR DECADES, AT LEAST! We get more from places like zoo york city then they get from us! Time for the failed upstate political leadership to stop their whining and fix the real problems! That goes double for 24th con dist. empty suit!
  2. If the 24th con. dist. empty suit really thinks that the answer to the upstate regions problems are in zoo york city. He should go down there and run for office. Should he win down there, then he will be well placed to fix the problems from whence he claims they come!
  3. Until he leaves, and I hope the door don’t hit em in the ass on his his out! I suggest he concentrate on ways to mitigate our local problems with local solutions! THAT is what he was elected to do, not give us his blame game excuses for why he does nothing!

I have also taken note, that as often as the empty suit in the 24th con. dist. seat (and the rest of the upstate pols) bitch about zoo york city residents. Come election time they love to accept their contributions. Here’s a few from the C for crook section of the 24th con. dist. empty suit’s LONG list of contributors for 2008:

Clark, Jane Forbes
NEW YORK, NY 10020
The Clark Estates Inc./Investments $2,700
Clark, Jane Forbes
NEW YORK, NY 10020
The Clark Estates Inc./Investments $2,300
Clark, Jane Forbes
NEW YORK, NY 10020
Cortesi, Alexander
NEW YORK, NY 10021
N/A/Retired $1,000
Cutter, Bowman
NEW YORK, NY 10017
Warburg Pincus/Venture Capital $400

You can see a full list of his individual campaign contributors for 2008 by clicking here

You can see a list of his political action committee (pac) contributors for 2008 by clicking here

The 24th con. dist. empty suit gets big bucks from a slew of pacs! In fact in 2007-2008 he brought in $1,612,038 and $942,604 (58.5%) of that was from pacs

We at ClapSotronics consider it our privilege and responsibility to offer real answers to the problems we face, even if the failed political leadership doesn’t like it. In that helpful and tough love vain we give you our ClapSorific™ plan for a couple of local solutions to some of our local problems involving energy. I will limit myself to the type of issues poorly covered in the od article I excerpted above:

  1. The idiotic mantra that the empty suit ever chants as the panacea that will fix everything tax cuts, tax credits, tax etc. is not enough. Time to come up with some new ideas. The idea that tax cuts will lead us to the land of economic milk and honey has been disproved by the complete collapse of our economy! It didn’t work you fool!
  2. These days, fewer and fewer of us here in the 24th con. dist. are homeowners. More and more of us are becoming RENTERS. Most rental apartments are owned by slumlords who couldn’t care less about the efficiency or even at times the safety of the heating units in their rentals! In order to have more efficient heating units placed in rentals, there must be regulations added that REQUIRE it, else the slumlords will continue to rent apartments with ancient and inefficient heating units produced and installed when ronnie raygun was a kid!
  3. The contention that the “freewatt” system mentioned should receive “tax credits for the system on the same level as those for wind power, solar power and other forms of green-energy production” is ridiculous! There is no way that natural gas and it’s even dirtier cousin propane (which is derived from other fossil fuels during oil or natural gas processing) should receive anything NEAR the amount of tax based economic support that solar energy which will power our future need receive! Fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal and derivatives like propane) are the failed products of the past that cause us more harm then good! We need move away from all fossil fuels now! The best way to do that is to move ALL public investment via tax credits etc. into solar and OUT OF fossil fuels. That goes double for the disaster that is nuke plants.
  4. If the 24th con. dist. empty suit would like to put an end to the thieves who “come up here and take our power” he should take a look at the corpoRATe criminals who run national grid, the supplier of electricity and natural gas up here! Hey, didn’t we fight a revolution and kick the bloody brits out of here over 200 years ago? Why do bloody brit companies now come here and rip us off? If the 24th con. dist. empty suit wants to make a real difference “up here” he should be working on federal legislation that will help localities move away from thieving corpoRATe middlemen like national grid, and into FULL municipal power (not those bullshit “paper munies”). Getting the thieving corpoRATe middlemen out reduces utility rates by 50%! Of course, the prob for the empty suit is municipal power organizations won’t be giving large campaign contributions like the 24th con. dist. empty suit recieved here from the NATIONAL GRID USA POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE click that last link and scroll down the page a bit to see who’s name is top o’that list!

If the 24th con. dist. empty suit would like to do something worth doing in washingtOOn, I suggest he IMMEDIATELY  co-sponsor hr 676 United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. The day this is signed into law, ALL OF US WILL BE COVERED AND IT WILL REDUCE HEALTH CARE COSTS BY OVER 50%!

Another thing the 24th con. dist. empty suit can do is start pointing the “paygo” at the out of control military spending! CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET BY 50% and recall ALL our young people in uniform back behind our boarders! Lets bring our troops home and base them at places like grifiss!

While I’m on a rant, the 24th con. dist. empty suit should do much more to bring the failed local oneida county department of social services under control. Since the crash caused by the corpoRATe agenda the 24th con. dist. empty suit continues to push is forcing more and more of the constituents of the 24th con. dist. INTO POVERTY the least the dirty dem blew dog can do is FORCE KICKING AND SCREAMING IF NECESSITY, that out of control failure of an agency to do something it has never done before. SERVE THE NEEDS OF THE POOR! That goes double for the failure of the local HEAP office!

The time where We The People can allow our elected employees to set our political and economic agenda via corpoRATe business models HAS PASSED! The criminal corpoRATeers and their bought and prayed for republicRAT spin doctors have crashed the world economy. We The People need take our country back! We must go to the polls and take to the streets to remove the two parties of the apocalypse from power. Nothing less will really bring “change!”

The following is a public service announcement from ClapSotronics:

laBAMAnostra and laBUSHanostra agree:

  • That the disaster of a war should continue indefinitely. laBAMAnostra has the same exit strategy as laBUSHanostra did, no exit strategy what so ever! The corpoRATe pigs agree the current war should be escalated and additional wars should be started whenever possible!
  • That the waste, fraud, and abuse pork barrel spending on ever larger pentagon budgets should continue and money “should be no object” when it comes to the funding of military death and destruction! paygo my ass!
  • That the thieving corpoRATe insurance companies (the rotten aig being only the tip of the corpoRATe iceberg in the insurance larceny business) should be able to continue to pocket almost half of our health care dollars via the waste fraud and abuse filled current “free market health care system.” This ripoff comes in the form of over the top corpoRATe insurer “administrative costs” and corpoRATe drug pusher profiteering even as the rest of us are badly served by their wealth care, NOT REALLY HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!
  • That the wal-fare system (click this link to see how I defined the wal-fare system in an earlier post) started by the klinton klan co-presidents slick willy and hillary dillary doo (she a former walmart board member and both former co-presidents are now made members of laBAMAnostra) and made ever worse by the waste, fraud, and abuse pork barrel funding of so called “faith based” organizations should be able to continue to poverty pimp we poor folks into ever deeper poverty! Punitive policies that force us into slave labor, low wage “jobs” and sermons are no replacement for the basic human needs based system we should have!
  • That the inherently dishonorable corpoRATe criminals should be allowed to continue to “self police” as the idiots in washingtOOn chant the tired deregulation mantra!

It’s time to put an end to deregulation and the kid glove wrist slap treatment they get by regulating the corpoRATeers and RICO statute CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF THE corpoRATe THIEVES!

The pro dirty dem phony “progressives” owe Ralph Nader a VERY BIG AND WELL DESERVED APOLOGY! The complete failure of obamessiah’s neolib agenda proves that the politically inbred klinton klan neolib hillbilly and green washer, al bore, would have been just as bad as g’dubya was in the oval office! That is if global warming al succeeded in carrying his home state and had won the presidency in 2000! Read the truly progressive plank offered by the super citizen YOU dirty dem apologists should have voted for in the last four presidential elections at the following link:


The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I are fed up with our elected officials and their utter nonsense corpoRATe cheerleading…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on March 2, 2009.

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