ClapSo’s Video Funhouse April 2009 Edition

my-green-crop.jpgOK kids, make yourselves a couple of Fluffernutter sandwiches and a big glass of Ovaltine (I make mine with heavy cream to get the fat content just right, 2% milk being the work of Satan!) and gather around the Television er, um computer (that just doesn’t seem right) for this months edition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse!

What would Saturday be without a  cartoon? headzup in conjunction with goleft give us this little animation:

DAGNABIT! “mandatory volunteerism?” Sounds like slavery to me!

They are also building the “work camps” this video tells us “we have seen this before!”

The folks at are trying to form a new tv network. Here’s a couple of their reports. I suggest you watch them, then go to the site if you wish to take part and support their project:

Part one of two

Part two of two

Nader predicting the economic disaster about a year BEFORE it happened:

The kids at barelypolitical mash it it up on the lighter side:

Yo! Filthy repub commissar mike steele gettin’ down with his homies (not!) SONOFABUSH!

I just love these old school films. This one is about PROPAGANDA:

How about a little old school (1943) Batman?

Chapter one of “The Electrical Brain”

The Telepathic Crickets and I hope you have enjoyed this months edition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse! We hope you return the last Saturday of each month for new editions of the Funhouse and hope you will join us here Monday through Friday evenings for our regularly scheduled blog posts! I always post on or before 6pm eastern time.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on April 24, 2009.

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