Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI: ^DJI)

Index Value: 8,339.01
Trade Time: JUNE 22, 2009
Change: Down 200.72 (2.35%)
Prev Close: 8,539.73
Open: 8,538.52
Day’s Range: 8,334.558,538.83
52wk Range: 6,440.08 – 12,078.20


obamessiah’s three biggest lies:
  1. hope
  2. change
  3. responsibility

Here’s a suggestion for real hope, change and responsibility:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well Cricketeers, the title of this post is a quote attributed to Luvenalis. It translates from the Latin: “Who shall keep watch over the guardians?” The ethically challenged corpoRATe press is whom I am mainly eluding to here. It is their responsibility to watch the feckless appaRATchiks in washingtOOn and the executhieves in the corpoRATe boardrooms! They have been failing us for quite some time and I see nothing to indicate that they will be getting any better any time soon!

SONOFABUSH! For eight years, the corpoRATe press sat back on their fat asses and allowed laBUSHanostra to run rough shod over YOUR civil rights and commit some of the most horrible war crimes in human history. The corpoRATe media now continues to sit on their fat asses as laBAMAnostra continues and even escalates the horrible war crimes of the last disgraceful admin to dirty the rug in the oval orifice!

DAGNABIT! For decades the corpoRATe press sat back on their fat asses and allowed the corpoRATe wealth care insurers and corpoRATe big pharma drug cartels to screw us on health care. Now that many people lack any health care at all, the feckless appaRATchiks in washingtOOn have come up with this scam “down payment” plan in order to preserve, not really reform the system.

FAGETABOWDIT! Now that the phony “down payment” plan is failing to get much more then the sound of one hand clapping support, does the corpoRATe media outlets add the offer of a single payer option such as HR 676 to their so called “debate” of the health care issue? Not a word of it! The corpoRATe media now they sit back on their fat asses as the corpoRATe wealth care insurers and corpoRATe big pharma drug cartels pump huge sums of money into the corpoRATe media cartels coffers for disgraceful lying ads that attempt to make damn sure that the current profit before people wealth care system continues to fail us, as the corpoRATe executhieves continue to profit, as we continue to get screwed out of the single payer plan we need!

Even as the approval ratings of statusQUObama and his neolib klinton klan agenda drop like a rock, the obamapologist talking heads of the corpoRATe media cartels give aid and comfort to the war criminal corpoRATe regime in washingtOOn. As the loose change poetics and excuse catechism of statusQUObama fails to con us, the corpoRATe media spin it thusly: “is the honeymoon over?”

We at ClapSotronics can only reply:


That goes double for the corpoRATe media cartels! You bunch have failed us far too many times and for far too long!

Abeo, abeo, abeo, actum est, comites!

If you in the corpoRATe media want to know what a real TV show looks like check out the Stimulator’s latest “motherfuckin’ sedition” titled

The Hypocratic Party:

The above is just a 10 min exerpt. To see the whole thing go to:


This is the face of alt media. The truth in all it’s glory! To hell with the corpoRATe media cartels!

The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I wave a final farewell to the corpoRATe media, as we alt media rise to bear the standard of journalistic truth and free speech, and they fall under the weight of their profiteering corpoRATe media cartel employers…

We continue to insist that the criminal statusQUObama admin:

  1. Cut pork barrel military spending by 50%! FUCK the military industrial complex!
  2. Replace the failed “down payment plan” with universal single payer health care!

Here’s my FAVE endorsement for single payer universal national health care, from the neolib who now refuses to give it to us:

Let’s see, in the video statusQUObama had a step by step process to get a single payer health care plan:

  1. dems take back white house CHECK √
  2. dems take back senate CHECK √
  3. dems take back house o’reps CHECK √
  4. PAY UP BITCH! Mauhahahahahahahah

The ongoing ClapSotronics serving suggestion:

EAT THE FUCKING pig corpoRATe rich!

The following is a public service announcement from ClapSotronics:

laBAMAnostra and laBUSHanostra agree:

  • That the disaster of a war should continue indefinitely. laBAMAnostra has the same exit strategy as laBUSHanostra did, no exit strategy what so ever! The corpoRATe pigs agree the current war should be escalated and additional wars should be started whenever possible!
  • That the waste, fraud, and abuse pork barrel spending on ever larger pentagon budgets should continue and money “should be no object” when it comes to the funding of military death and destruction! paygo my ass!
  • That the thieving corpoRATe insurance companies (the rotten aig being only the tip of the corpoRATe iceberg in the insurance larceny business) should be able to continue to pocket almost half of our health care dollars via the waste fraud and abuse filled current “free market health care system.” This ripoff comes in the form of over the top corpoRATe insurer “administrative costs” and corpoRATe drug pusher profiteering even as the rest of us are badly served by their wealth care, NOT REALLY HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!
  • That the wal-fare system (click this link to see how I defined the wal-fare system in an earlier post) started by the klinton klan co-presidents slick willy and hillary dillary doo (she a former walmart board member and both former co-presidents are now made members of laBAMAnostra) and made ever worse by the waste, fraud, and abuse pork barrel funding of so called “faith based” organizations should be able to continue to poverty pimp we poor folks into ever deeper poverty! Punitive policies that force us into slave labor, low wage “jobs” and sermons are no replacement for the basic human needs based system we should have!
  • That the inherently dishonorable corpoRATe criminals should be allowed to continue to “self police” as the idiots in washingtOOn chant the tired deregulation mantra!

It’s time to put an end to deregulation and the kid glove wrist slap treatment they get by regulating the corpoRATeers and RICO statute CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF THE corpoRATe THIEVES!

The pro dirty dem phony “progressives” owe Ralph Nader a VERY BIG AND WELL DESERVED APOLOGY! The complete failure of obamessiah’s neolib agenda proves that the politically inbred klinton klan neolib hillbilly and green washer, al bore, would have been just as bad as g’dubya was in the oval office! That is if global warming al succeeded in carrying his home state and had won the presidency in 2000! Read the truly progressive plank offered by the super citizen YOU dirty dem apologists should have voted for in the last four presidential elections at the following link:


The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on June 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

  1. Hey from Toronto, Canada

    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the board. I’ve seen some interesting posts so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general 🙂


  2. I’m Tom and I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I found you guys. I think it was from a PC Mag, but then it might not…..

    Although UK born and bred (N. Yorkshire Dales), I enjoy following the US politics and comparing the similarities with our UK mob of politicians.

    My political views and tendencies are mostly sceptical tending to unclassifiable. Some things I’m conservative about, other things, I agree with ‘The Left’. The rest, I’m either sorta Centrist’ about, or I disagree with all of ’em… Whatever way I see it, I treat politicians with the deepest distrust, until they prove otherwise I’m new.

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