obamessiah’s three biggest lies:
  1. hope
  2. change
  3. responsibility

Here’s a suggestion for real hope, change and responsibility:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well Cricketeers, I love this Greene guy! Even though there seems to be some electoral shenanigans, and even maybe something illegal, I just LOVE that he won! Even if he is a “plant” that makes his unlikely win even better. That means the dogs who planted him got an unexpected result. For my money an unexpected result in a major election is a good thing! The corpoRATe media cartels talkin’ heads on the corpoRATe teevee snooozzee™ are beside themselves with suffering over this. Every one of the corpoRATe chatters I’ve seen speak of, or with Greene, seems STUNNED that he won the primary. This says more about how FIXED our elections are then about Greene.

OK, so Greene comes off a bit like Gomer Pyle. If he starts to say things like SHAZZAM, I won’t be surprised. But there is a regular kind of guy way about him, and don’t we somewhere in our empathic selves always wanna pull for regular folk underdogs like Alvin? The corpoRATe press is looking like the scheming press in “Mister Smith Goes to Washington” as the dirty dems are playing the cynical insiders from that film perfectly and rep. james clyburn (D-S.C.) seems to be playing the other senator (the bad one) from mister Smith’s home state, if ya know what I mean.

Yeah, Greene a is a bit, well green, around the edges. But that could work to his advantage. The usual senate candidate is someone who knows how to play the political con  to get elected. The nice thing about Greene is he comes off as a babe in the woods. Even when he spews the standard political stuff like “I wanna talk about the issues” it seems somehow genuine coming from him! Really, I think that this Greene victory is the most refreshing event in electoral politics in my memory!

The other thing I just love about Greene is that unlike the usual senatorial candidates, Greene did his felony BEFORE he even got elected. That makes Greene at least one step ahead of most politicians who wait until AFTER they get elected to commit their felonies! This Alvin Greene is a real go getter ain’t he? Nice getting the jump on things Alvin!

I tweeted:

@KeithOlbermann ALVIN GREENE is a real go getter! Most politicians wait until AFTER they get elected to commit their felonies!

Keith Olbermann chose that tweet as his “tweet of the day” and read it on the air during the Friday Countdown show. You can watch it at:

SONOFABUSH! The dirty dems are really looking like the hypocrites they truly are! In an anti-incumbent election year when even incumbents are doing everything they can to give themselves an “outside the beltway” sheen. The dirty dems have a truly “outside the beltway” candidate dropped in their lap, and what do they do? THEY TRY TO DUMP HIM! I THROW BACK MY HEAD AND CACKLE WITH INSANE GLEE!

DAGNABIT! The real question is what the south carolina voters are gonna make of this “everyman” candidate Greene? Will those voters see him as a sort of SEABISCUIT horse in this race and cheer him on and vote for him, or will they fall for the usual “political powerhouse” insider of an opponent the filthy repubs are running?

FAGETABOWDIT! If the dirty dems really wanna stick it to the filthy repubs who they think “planted” Greene so that raciest backlash would bring out filthy repub voters to the primary polls. The dirty dems oughta do everything they can to SUPPORT Greene! If he wins, that shows the “plant” candidate strategy can backfire! One thing for sure. If Greene wins he won’t be the worst senator in washingtOOn. There are over 100 other clowns already in that chamber who are ever working to be the worst senator! What really burns the dirty dems about Greene’s victory is that he has made their election machine, the dnc,  look as dysfunctional as the statusQUObama administration looks about now!

The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I wish Alvin Greene the best of luck, and we wish we could vote for him! Now go out there and campaign with all your heart Alvin! We regular guys can use a seabiscuit type winner in these trying times! I would love to see Senator Alvin Greene on cspan some day!

We continue to insist that the criminal statusQUObama admin:

  1. Cut pork barrel military spending by 50%! FUCK the military industrial complex!
  2. Replace the failed “down payment plan” with universal single payer health care!

Here’s my FAVE endorsement for single payer universal national health care, from the neolib who now refuses to give it to us:

Let’s see, in the video statusQUObama had a step by step process to get a single payer health care plan:

  1. dems take back white house CHECK √
  2. dems take back senate CHECK √
  3. dems take back house o’reps CHECK √
  4. PAY UP BITCH! Mauhahahahahahahah

The ongoing ClapSotronics serving suggestion:

EAT THE FUCKING pig corpoRATe rich!

The following is a public service announcement from ClapSotronics:

laBAMAnostra and laBUSHanostra agree:

  • That the disaster of a war should continue indefinitely. laBAMAnostra has the same exit strategy as laBUSHanostra did, no exit strategy what so ever! The corpoRATe pigs agree the current war should be escalated and additional wars should be started whenever possible!
  • That the waste, fraud, and abuse pork barrel spending on ever larger pentagon budgets should continue and money “should be no object” when it comes to the funding of military death and destruction! paygo my ass!
  • That the thieving corpoRATe insurance companies (the rotten aig being only the tip of the corpoRATe iceberg in the insurance larceny business) should be able to continue to pocket almost half of our health care dollars via the waste fraud and abuse filled current “free market health care system.” This ripoff comes in the form of over the top corpoRATe insurer “administrative costs” and corpoRATe drug pusher profiteering even as the rest of us are badly served by their wealth care, NOT REALLY HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!
  • That the wal-fare system (click this link to see how I defined the wal-fare system in an earlier post) started by the klinton klan co-presidents slick willy and hillary dillary doo (she a former walmart board member and both former co-presidents are now made members of laBAMAnostra) and made ever worse by the waste, fraud, and abuse pork barrel funding of so called “faith based” organizations should be able to continue to poverty pimp we poor folks into ever deeper poverty! Punitive policies that force us into slave labor, low wage “jobs” and sermons are no replacement for the basic human needs based system we should have!
  • That the inherently dishonorable corpoRATe criminals should be allowed to continue to “self police” as the idiots in washingtOOn chant the tired deregulation mantra!

It’s time to put an end to deregulation and the kid glove wrist slap treatment they get by regulating the corpoRATeers and RICO statute CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF THE corpoRATe THIEVES!

The pro dirty dem phony “progressives” owe Ralph Nader a VERY BIG AND WELL DESERVED APOLOGY! The complete failure of obamessiah’s neolib agenda proves that the politically inbred klinton klan neolib hillbilly and green washer, al bore, would have been just as bad as g’dubya was in the oval office! That is if global warming al succeeded in carrying his home state and had won the presidency in 2000! Read the truly progressive plank offered by the super citizen YOU dirty dem apologists should have voted for in the last four presidential elections at the following link:


The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

~ by ClapSo on June 12, 2010.

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