The Day the Music Died. RIP Pete Seeger. THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS!

Well Cricketeers, Pete Seeger died yesterday. It is a sad passing indeed. He sang his heart out for his full 94 years in the hope of inspiring us to build and live in a better world. Although his generation of artists and activists had their victories, in the end any changes they brought about were short lived. We live not in the world that they had hoped we would live in, but in the world they warned us might come to pass.


The fucking fascists are winning! Our would is on the brink of social, environmental, and economic collapse. There is little hope that the corpoRATe powers that be will relent in their ceaseless pursuit of profit no matter the cost. They are robbing the rest of us and raping the earth with utter abandon. No amount of peaceful protest or song will change that.


It was NOT a nonviolent peaceful protest movement that stopped the German Nazis, it was the VIOLENT invasion by allied forces that ended WWII.

It was NOT the nonviolent hippies in the streets hanging signs and singing songs in the 1960’s that ended the Vietnam war. It was the fall of Saigon in 1975, precipitated by the VIOLENT invasion by the North Vietnamese army that put an end to that war.

History repeats: Here in 2014, it will not be a nonviolent peaceful protest movement that will stop the fascists in washingtOOn…


We must look at the failure of the activists of the past, not as a judgement against them, for they clearly did the best that they could under the circumstances, but as a guide to help us be successful.

We have tried mass movement building. We have tried peaceful protest. We have tried educating the suckergencia™ and it has NOT WORKED. The corpoRATe pigs have become richer and stronger then they ever were before. They are more likely to use fascist military attacks at home and abroad. WE ARE LOSING!

The Telepathic Crickets™ on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I want YOU to see that the failed tactics of the past still have a place in the resistance. Diversity of tactics is good. However, peaceful protest has NOT been enough, and it will not be enough in future. In the memory of those we’ve lost, like Pete, we must broaden our tactics in order to beat the power elite. Pete often had written on his instruments: “THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS!” It didn’t say: this machine peacefully protests fascists…

~ by ClapSo on January 28, 2014.

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