We’re back and we’re PISSED!

When the Telepathic Crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I first started this blog, we had a different vision of what life in the u s of a would be like now about a decade later. Alas, that vision turned into a real life nightmare as neolib war criminal statusQUObama and his bankster and other corpoRATe butt buddies have robbed us blind, with no end in sight. All we ever got from statusQUObama was loose change poetics topped with nonsensical nondescript gibberish generalization cream! This is how more and more of us now live:


How many MORE of US will end up living like THIS?

As if things aren’t bad enough. We now have to face the specter of the trumpty dumpty admin. How long do you think it will take that idiot to run to the cellar for a nip of deficit whine? Same old, same old!


We must now punish the suckergencia™ stupidfuckastanis for voting for the dems and repubs. For letting those two despicable parties take turns fucking us, there can be only one reaction.


Some may ask: “Aren’t you overreacting?” or “Isn’t that a bit draconian?” To them I reply: What would you expect us to do, become groove surfing hippie bernvictims living in trumptydumptystan?

ClapSo don’t play that…

We will fight the corpoRATe power elite in the streets!
We will fight them here on WordPress.
We will fight them on the face book
We will fight them on the twitter
We will fight them on Minds

We will fight them till we win!

The Telepathic Crickets and I are all through playing nice!



~ by ClapSo on November 26, 2016.

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