We DEMAND a Recount!

Every candidate for elected office has a right under law to demand a recount. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about the candidate’s decision, they simply have a right. The only things outrageous about this Jill Stein recount effort are:

1) The candidate demanding the recount is expected to pay out of pocket for the recount. I would have no problem requiring PRIMARY candidates to pay for PRIMARY recounts, but general election recounts should be paid for out of state funds.

2) The gall of the bernvictims insisting that Stein should be paying for the bern’s primary recount. What a bag of dicks! The bern conned them out of about $300 million. Their bern had both the money and the legal standing to demand a primary recount, but did not do so. He instead went down without a fight, and endorsed killary! Stein has neither the funds nor the legal standing to do the bern’s dirty work for him. This proves what uninformed and childish losers the bernvictims are. That killary lost, even with their votes proves they should be ignored until they prove a grasp of the ISSUES, instead of looking for a daddy figure in the likes of the bern! They are going under for the third time in a cult of personality puddle, awash in an ocean of electoral corruption. I hope they all drown.

3) killary should have demanded a recount without Jill doing so. She should be demanding a recount in all the other states she lost too, not just the current three! She is unlikely to win the election with just three, because she needs to win all three of the current recount states to gain enough electoral votes to win. However, if she demanded recounts in additional close states, that would improve her chances.

And speaking of woulda, coulda, shoulda, budabing:

What a big fucking baby! And spoiled too.


This from a trumpty dumpty who insisted that if he lost the election, it was fixed and he would not respect the outcome. How about a nice glass of piss warm recount whine?

In the mean time, Stein is now getting several times the donation dollars and corpoRATe media coverage for the recount, then she got for both of her presidential campaigns in 2012 and 2016 combined. This is very telling, and a scathing rebuke of our political economy in general, and our corrupt electoral system in particular!

As to the whining of some that this recount is causing “division” within the Green party. We Greens are always divided. We like it that way. If we wanted knee jerk unity, we would be dems:


I’ve been a registered Green for almost two decades. I’m a Green issues voter, I voted for single payer healthcare and a 50% cut in military spending, etc. not for a person.

There are cult of personality voters in all parties, including the Green party. They are now jockeying for position to put their fave in for the 2020 election. I’ve seen this silly bullshit before.

OOOOooooooooooooo, can I play? He shoots, he scores!

Let me just say I’m hoping for a #BarakaKimberly2020 Green Party presidential ticket. Not only because they are awesome people who have been informing us about our failed political economy at BAR and elsewhere for years, but because they would bring about policy and agenda changes that I fully support if elected.

I would however be remiss if I failed to mention my discomfort with Baraka’s response to Stein’s recount effort which he posted on the face book last night. It was a bit cold and elicits this response from me: Et tu Baraka?

Speaking of BAR if you haven’t yet, do read Bruce A. Dixon‘s excellent: “So why is the Green party’s Jill Stein filing for recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

Dixon gives many good arguments for why these recounts are good for the Green Party and everyone else!

Special ClapSorific™ BONUS QUIP: Due to the new austerity budget, the grey lady hired a Nigerian princess to write Fidel Castro’s obit. It should have started: Greetings Beloved…

The Telepathic Crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I are lovin’ us some recount..


~ by ClapSo on November 28, 2016.

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