Just Another Tuesday in trumptydumptystan… #1

Reflections on the new prez by ClapSo

trumpty dumpty
Wants a BIG wall

trumpty dumpty

All the king’s war whores
And all the kings yes men

Will never put trumpty dumpty back together again…

Fuck him and the statusQUObama he rode in on!

We’re gonna have a bad time…


Yeah, it’s getting real. Barring some major happenstance such as a giant meteor striking the earth. The grey shadow of mediocrity emanating from the trumpster staff dumpster will soon be falling over planet earth.

Some of his potential appointments are a laugh riot. zoo jerzy gubner kristie kreme in any position, including the missionary, is too funny an image to ponder.


Say: oh the humanity, as the flaming nazi blimp crashes to the ground!

Still others are too awful to laugh off. That evil weasel pence comes to mind right off the bat. He’s some weird combination of the man from glad, darth vader, and that fucking gym teacher you always hated in grade school.

I wouldn’t want him a heartbeat away from a walfart shelf stocking gig, never mind the oval orifice!


half a trumpence, which isn’t much

Then there’s trumpty dumpty’s potential minister of fatherland security who wants to send a million peeps to gitmo! WTF?

OOOooooo look, nazi now comes in evil spock mocha flavor just in time for the holidays:



Then there’s general betrayus as the potential sec. of state. You know, killary’s old gig. Apparently, one must commit one or more national security breaches to get that job!

From a style standpoint, it’s understandable why betrayus and trumpty dumpty are a good fit: Both are leg humping bigmouths.

Pictured below is betrayus and his former bae. I heard the breakup was kinda nasty…


general betrayus with former bae

And how about this bimbo as sec. of defense? She can see russia from her backyard in asslaska ya know!


dan quale with tits

The trumpence admin does have a saving grace. First lady evita trump, with zillions of dollars of tax payer financed secret service agents and nsa spy satellites will eventually catch moose and squirrel!

I don’t blame her for refusing to move into the white house, it simply isn’t gaudy enough for her. It’s just too fucking colonial…

The new first lady’s dior initiative is bound to turn some heads on the paris runways come spring!


come back here, she’s not done with you yet….

Special ClapSorific™ BONUS QUIP: Spend your way into debt slavery you shopping lemmings, jeebus died on the checkout line so you could have eternal credit card debt…

The Telepathic Crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I are thinking of making: Just Another Tuesday in trumptydumptystan… a regular weekly feature here…


~ by ClapSo on November 29, 2016.

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