Reflections on the Green Party Ides of March…


It’s not easy being Green…

Well, it looks like a Green card party is in order, so I call and show all my cards:

I have been registered Green for almost two decades. I have no use for the dems and repubs! It hasn’t been easy being Green, but I’ve never had sooooo much fun as a Green as I’m having right now. For years I’ve been complaining about how the party apparatchiks and their control issues have been killing the Green party. So now it is out in the open. These self proclaimed leaders are a bunch of social climbers and back stabbers!

Some of these assholes are so busy micromanaging everything, they lose the big picture entirely. This ides of March move proves them to be completely useless and out of control!

This is how I covered the recount issue on Monday:

Suffice to say I support the recount on the simplest and strongest of grounds: ANY candidate for elected office has a RIGHT to demand a recount, and that includes Jill!

That should have been the end of it right there, but this is the Green party we’re talking about. So:


Nice rendition of mark antony byflowers, don’t ya think?

Never mind that the list of those who signed the dagger letter at the above flowersforsenate link reads like a who’s who of every resume buffing, self proclaimed party leader, professional “activist,” and three star hotel schloccupy camper. They have the blessing of white flag chris, the hedgehog who began a paid speech before the New Jersey Greens with the brilliant idea that we Greens should give up on electoral politics, buy a food truck, and hand out bagels with peanut butter like they did in schloccupy. How about a heapin’ helping of Nonsensical Nondescript Gibberish Generalization Cream Pie to go with your bagel? Nobody bakes em like white flag chris!


Nonsensical Nondescript Gibberish Generalization Cream Pie…

The only good thing that fool ever did was quit the grey lady gig in disgust! And none too soon for my tastes…


Has our Green Party really come down to this? Two BRILLIANT woman, both Medical Doctors, fighting over who will be the Green Party presidential candidate in 2020? As if our Green Party presidential nomination is some 20% off pair of cubic zirconia encrusted pumps at a big box store fire sale? This soap opera got stale before the first commercial break!


Since it looks like it’s time to choose up sides, myself and a band of other little rascals have started a group for Greens who support the recount. Click this link if ya wish to join us!

Special ClapSorific™ BONUS QUIP: forrest palmer is a celebrity worshiper, masquerading as a revolutionary. His SJW A-list mask is as comical as it is pitiful…

The Telepathic Crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I have the sooooooooooprize cake in the oven…


~ by ClapSo on November 30, 2016.

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