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This blog is an evening edition posted Monday through Friday at or around 6pm eastern time. Most of our posts speak of national politics, here in the USA.

Our editorial board is composed of Telepathic Crickets™

We post ClapSo’s Video Funhouse, the last Saturday of the month. There may be other weekend special editions or there may not.

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Located somewhere on the east coast of the united states. I’ll give you a hint: Utica NY…

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7 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi – Great site and great sense of humour – what a world!

    I am very interested in reading Gramsci and I am picking up The Bending Cross about Eugene Debbs.

    I’ll link your site onmine.

    Take care

  2. There is something about “absolute simplicity” that just appeals to me so much (it’s very rare), and your blog has it! Instead of making things convoluted, you just tear of the mask and show how SIMPLE it really is 🙂

    And thanks for making me laugh several times. I know I’m very simple and silly, but for example the pic of Bush really made my day 😉

    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll too, feel free to come over to my place and be a guest bloger sometimes!


  3. Clapso, it’s been great reading your blogs–serious stuff AND laugh out loud funny– and the ones they link to…and I do appreciate your words of encouragement on my own blog too!

  4. Love your dreadlocks, Claps 😉

  5. Thanks Jane, I’ve been growin’ them fr ten years and I’m kinda proud of em.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  6. Hi Clapso!

    It’s Dissident, I’m sure you remember. Well, I’m back. I had to delete “Dissident” because I couldn’t handle all the links in a proper way. They turned into one big mess. So I decided to take a small break and then build a more handy blog with the same content and approach. You can take a look here:


    ps Hope you come back.

    Good wishes

    Dissident (or Dissent Mag, the new name)

  7. Hey matey, knowing your affinity for using hilarious photos, quotes and graphics, I found a website you might put to good use.


    It’s a publicly funded start-up from Singapore that my brother visited while he was on a trip with his university. Apparently, the government there is putting all its eggs in hi-tech, funding all kinds of crazy ideas. My bro said this was the only one that seemed like it would make it, but it’s actually got the potential to be HUGE.

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