And so it all comes down to this…


After 4 years and counting. After miles of protest marching. After (thus far) a failure of the dems to stop the war. After non-binding resolutions and surges. After a veto and eventual funding. Will the dems FINALLY realize the war is not healthy for children and other living things. Will they at least understand that the war is not healthy for the dem party? Will they take the necessary action and refuse to fund this war in the FY2008 budget?

I know many of us against the war are tired. We’re tired of marching. We’re tired of speaking. We’re tired of hearing the “support the troops” mantra. We are finally tired of the dem inaction most of all! So now it comes down to our actions. What should we do now that voting in the dems has not ended the war? Many of us are so tired we are unable to continue. To those who are giving up our noble fight for a time, you will be missed but those like me will carry on. Thank you so much for all you’ve done! We that carry on will be doing so with you carried in our hearts and deeds.

What should those, we tired, we exhausted, do in order to carry on? We must pick up the slack of those who need rest. We must carry the increased burden. By doing so, we will give the others a chance to rest. I for one am redoubling my efforts. I will not go gently into that night. I implore the rest of you to do the same. If we can sustain our fight, this will give those that can’t continue. A movement to return to when they are ready to rejoin the battle.

It’s time to focus our actions on the dems. They have proven they intend to continue funding this war. THEY MUST BE TOLD IN CLEAR TERMS THAT ANY FUNDING TO CONTINUE THIS WAR IN THE FY2008 BUDGET WILL BE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. We must tell them we will hold THEM accountable in the 2008 election by withdrawing our votes from them. The fact is that many of the dem voters are simply not going to show up at the polls anyway. That is the effect failing to take the right action on the war will get the dems in the 2008 election. We can double the effect by successfully voting in those not beholden to the two party system. Vote for anyone not a dem or repub!


The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “And so it all comes down to this…”

  1. I agree. Democracy has died so it seems. we need a complete government reform, not that we will get it. Don’t give up, we can’t give up – not when people are dying.

  2. Hi ClapSo

    Today votes will change nothing. Drop the official system, save the energy and try to keep the spirit living through mobilizing and organizing at the grassroot level. Its just a matter of time before the middle class reacts and rebels against the steady decline of its living standard and the hopeless war. If the left is well organized and prepared for this situation it will get support from the silent majority sooner or later. Then things will move and votes will count, not before. Things have to be changed from the outside with the support from the middle class. Democracy is dead today and only the people can revive it. The key to the solution is the middle class, the people, not the politicians. In short: be patient and prepared. The Times They Are A-Changin’.

  3. The crickets will hold you to running since the event did ocure when are you running?

  4. ClapSo responds to dissident

    Think of the all the stuff I’ll be able to do inside the system. At 48, I have and will continue the fight from outside the system. I think I can be even more effective from the inside. I’m ready to turn the whole damn system inside out!

    ClapSo responds to josh

    The event has yet to happen. That event will be the signing of the fiscal year 2008 budget in September. If it contains ANY FUNDING TO CONTINUE THE WAR that’s when I will announce my candidacy.

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